Bearison The Amigurumi Bear

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I was recently asked to submit an exclusive free crochet pattern for publication on All Free Crochet’s Blog: Stitch & Unwind!

Introducing my Bearison, The Amigurumi Bear!

You can now get Bearison right here at home at Oombawka Design! Get the free pattern for Bearison >HERE<

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Klondike the Snow Bear @OombawkaDesign



who is also lovingly known as

Klondike the Snow Bear 

Bearison @OombawkaDesign

Bearison @OombawkaDesign


As this loveable little bear is crocheted from the top of his head down to his bottom, I recommend you complete the muzzle and ears first to allow you to assemble the head before completing the rest of the body.  To make it easier I designed my bear to allow you to attach the arms and legs afterwards.

When adding the body parts I recommend you sew around the stitches and posts – do not stitch through them (separating the strands) but between them and pull tightly! This will allow you to remove the body part and try again if you are not happy with where it has been placed and the underlying stitches will not be damaged.

I hope you love this little bear as much as I do 🙂

Bearison is the first pattern I ever designed – he has been tweaked and changed and rewritten tons of times but never shared – until now!

He holds a special place in my heart – I hope he finds a special place in yours too!

Bearison @OombawkaDesign

Bearison the Snow Bear @OombawkaDesign

Please note: Bearison The Amigurumi Bear is called Klondike the Snow Bear on the Website All Free Crochet and their Blog Stitch & Unwind.

Get your free Amigurumi pattern for my bear here: Klondike the Snow Bear

PS! Mya loves her Bearison!

Mya Loves Bearison @OombawkaDesign


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  1. Dear Rhondda,
    This little bear is as cute as can be, whatever his name, though I must say, Bearison really suits him! I have a little Workshop teaching crochet. I have been asked to teach an Amigurumi Bear. I would love Bearison to be the star of the show. May I have your permission please. You can find me on my blog or my facebookpage, to see what we do.
    I love your blog!

  2. Thank you so much Vicci 🙂 I’m so happy you like him – he is one of my favourites and I love giving him as baby shower gifts. Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  3. Hi Pallie,

    Thank you 🙂 After I attach the eyes, I stuff the head before attaching the muzzle and ears.

    I do not have a specific place to place the ears. I do assemble the head fully before proceeding to the body of the bear. I attach the muzzle first and then the ears. This way you can center the ears based on the muzzle (nose). I try to keep them equal distance apart along the center line of the head.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Hi there,
    Someone on the blog where the pattern is asked about when to sew the ears on. I read through the pattern myself thinking they might have missed a step, but nope, they didn’t. When should the ears be sewn on and along which round for inside point of the ear.
    Thanks you do really great work,

  5. I love this little bear… until now, from all your free patterns, this is my favorite.

  6. This little bear is one of the best that I have seen! He is my favorite of your patterns so far.

  7. Hi MEME, There are no gaps in this one 🙂 or I wouldn’t have given him to my niece! when you use shorter stitches and work tightly (like you must when you are working amigurumi) you do not see gaps between any of the single crochet stitches. If you are crocheting loosely you will see small gaps when the fabric stretches to accommodate the fiber-fil. If you are seeing gaps between your stitches I recommend crocheting more tightly, or switching to a smaller hook size which will make your crochet more tightly. Thanks! Rhondda

  8. He’s very adorable and looks fairly easy to do. I have one problem when crocheting in the round and thats when starting a new row there is a gap that shows in places and is very annoying since the white fiberfil shows through it. Doesn’t seem to matter whether I do the round in a continuous round or use a sl st to end ea row.

  9. Bearison is so adorable Rhondda, I am so anxious to start trying the animals. Haven’t been brave yet. Lol!