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One of the writing prompts provided by Sara for this blogging challenge was:

“Two words that will make you a better Crochet Blogger”

Here are my 2-words:

Be Accountable

I think this would apply for anyone who is interested in becoming a professional blogger – you really need to be accountable for your actions and everything you share on social media.

Stand behind your products, your designs and your postings.  Be accountable.  For everything you DO and everything you SAY.

If I had to choose a second set of words, they would be:

Don’t begin the journey until you are ready to commit fully –

If you are still considering taking the leap into blogging full time – stop and consider what it really means – the time commitment and dedication you will need to pull from within yourself. If you are only considering occasional postings – this may not be the ‘dream’ for you to undertake. Blogging as a profession is a full-time, 40+ hour per week commitment – at least initially until you have become established. It involves more than writing the occasional post it also means finding and sharing content, creating original content which others will want to share and being supportive of your audience.

and just because I LOVE to find free patterns for you 🙂 here is a link to a pattern I came across that made it to my bucket list…but I have not yet found the time to hook – “click the pic” to go to the free pattern.

Francisco the Mouse
Designed by: Van Vuong
Photo Credit: Crochet is for Lovers (ravelry)

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