Baby’s Buddy Amigurumi Review

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Baby’s Buddy Amigurumi includes a great collection of little huggable toys which are designed specifically for babies. Choose from friendly dinosaurs, cuddly teddy bears, chubby bunnies, sweet baby dolls, diaper wearing elephants, huggable turtles, soft little sheep and even a set of rattle dumbbells. Learn more about this month’s Featured Leisure Arts eBook and enter for a chance to win your very own eBook copy!

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Title: Baby’s Buddy Amigurumi
Author: Tamara Ramsey
Publisher: Leisure Arts, Inc., 2016
ISBN: 978-1-4647-5650-4
Photographer: Jason Masters

Babys Buddy Amigurumi Book Review ODC

Baby’s Buddy Amigurumi Review

Filled with cute baby-friendly patterns, Baby’s Buddy Amigurumi gives you a great selection of projects you can crochet and give as gifts to babies. This baby friendly collection of soft plush toys and accessories includes patterns ranging in difficulty from beginner to easy+.

The patterns are written in American (US English) Crochet Terms and include diagrams and close-up photos of different elements (like adding the rattles or flattening the bunny’s ears) of each pattern. When photos are used to assist with the elements, they are labelled and referenced to in the written pattern so you know exactly which photo to look at. The patterns are written at an beginner to easy+ level and are straightforward and easy to follow.  You can find the beginning of each row/round easily because they have been printed in a bolded font.

The beginning of each pattern provides the basic information about the pattern including a ‘shopping list’ the amount and colors of each yarn used, the hook sizes, additional supplies you may need (like fiberfill and embroidery thread) and gauge information. The gauge for these amigurumi’s is not of great importance so long as the stitches are close together and the fabric is dense (no open spaces between your stitches).

Stitch Guide

Following this you will find a Stitch Guide specific to the pattern. For example if the pattern is using a single crochet 2 together, you will find a description of how to crochet the stitch as well as what abbreviation has been used.

Tips and Assembly Details are included throughout the pattern itself. These sections are either introduced by using in a different color of font, a new heading, or a small note added in italics between written instructions.

Abbreviations and Terms

You will find the abbreviations which have been used, a comparison chart for crochet terminology for U.S. and International terms, a section with TIPS (including Safety, Stuffing and Yarn Ends) and a description of the following terms:

  • Adjustable Loop (with diagrams)
  • Markers
  • Joining with sc
  • Back Loop Only (with diagram)
  • Changing Colors (with diagrams)
  • Weave thru Stitches (with diagram)
  • Whipstitch (with photos)
  • Embroidery Stitches (with diagrams): Straight Stitch and Satin Stitch

Yarn Selection

The yarns used to create these cute designs include:

  • Red Heart® Soft Baby Steps® (Elephant, Dinosaur girl)
  • Caron® Simply Soft® (Elephant, Dinosaur boy, Lamb, Doll, Teddy Bear, Bunny)
  • Lion Brand® Babysoft® (Dinosaurs)
  • Bernat® Softee® Baby™ (Dumbbell, Doll, Teddy Bear)
  • Red Heart® Soft® (Lamb, Doll, Bunny)
  • Lion Brand® Homespun® (Lamb)
  • Bernat® Satin™ (Turtle)
  • Red Heart® Super Saver® (Turtle)
  • Lion Brand® Vanna’s Choice® (Turtle, Bunny)
  • Lion Brand® Heartland® (Turtle)

As gauge is not imperative, so long as you stick to similar weight yarns (medium weight [4]) you can substitute yarn brands comfortably as was done in the original designs. You can even take a look in your own yarn stash to find medium weight yarns (soft ones if they are for babies) to make these projects.

The following patterns are included in this publication:

  • Elephant – 7 inches tall, seated – Easy+
  • T-Rex – 8.5 inches tall – Easy +
  • Lamb – 7 inches tall, seated – Easy
  • Doll – 9 inches tall – Easy+
  • Blanket – two sizes – Car Seat Blanket 29 inches by 35 inches; Doll Blanket 12 inches square – Easy
  • Turtle – 6 inches tall, seated – Easy+
  • Teddy Bear – 4.5 inches tall, seated – Easy
  • Dumbbell Rattle – 5.5 inches long – Beginner
  • Bunny – 7.5 inches tall, standing – Easy+

Extra Supplies You May Need

  • Bunny:  you will also need a wire brush to fluff the tail
  • Rattle:  if you are adding the ‘rattle noise maker’ you will need rattle inserts
  • Safety eyes are suggested and you are reminded of the following:

Please take caution if the toy is for a child that is at risk of choking. See Safety, page 44.

Many of the toys include instructions for embroidered eyes so if you are nervous about using safety eyes please follow the instructions for the embroidered eyes instead.

My 2 favorite designs in this book are:

  • Turtle
  • Doll

I’m also like that cute elephant wearing a diaper…. Which are your favorites?

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from: Leisure Arts, Inc.

I’d like to thank Leisure Arts, Inc. for providing me with the review copy of Baby’s Buddy Amigurumi and for the giveaway copy for my readers!

All images are used with permission from Leisure Arts, Inc. For more information about Leisure Arts, Inc. visit their website, Facebook or Twitter!


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  1. oooooooo….these are so cute. I think my favorite ar ethe T-Rex’s (I’ve never made a dinosaur–yet) and the elephants. Nice to see the yarns used is something accessible to me so I can tell the size I would make would be quite similar.

  2. The t rexes are so cute! I think I would make them first! It’s cool that this is a baby specific ami book, I thought you just wouldn’t be able to give amis to bubbas under a certain age.

  3. thank you for the review. I find that baby toys are more rewarding than baby sweaters or blankets – never know if the sweater will fit or how many blankets the baby will receive – a soft toy is always welcome. This looks like a great book for learning more about the ins and outs of amigirumi.

  4. Could you do a review on Amigurumi? I’m not familiar with it.

  5. Ok , this book is high on my wish list. My daughter and son in law would love a couple of them. And of course who wouldnt love the baby…
    Thanks for the review

  6. Adorable baby toys… perfect time as I am going to be a great grandma!….of twins!

  7. I’ve been making Amigurumi toys to donate to a local charity. The Baby’s Buddy Amigurumi eBook would be great to have as an addition to my patterns.

  8. Looks very interesting and the designs ares very beautiful.

  9. The Babies Buddy Amigurumi book looks like it has interesting and fun huggables for baby

  10. I like the Tips section & that there are so many patterns to choose from

  11. I love how you told us about the extra pics for the ears etc, that’s really helpful! The actual pics of the projects is great and very inspiring!

  12. I would like to see you review leasure arts crochet baby collection next month please.