Baby Bean Stitch Bookmark – A Free Stashbuster Crochet Pattern

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Have you tried the baby bean stitch yet?  I love the finished woven look and the simple texture this easy to crochet stitch creates. I have created 3 quick projects for you to try using this stitch. This is the second one of the three designs. I will add the links to the third as soon as it is posted!

Baby Bean Coffee Cup Sleeve

The baby bean stitch is created using single crochet cluster stitches. The stitch pattern is simple and easy to remember.

BABYBEANBOOKMARK Free Stashbuster Pattern Oombawka Design


  • Yarn: Premier Yarns: Sweet Roll (245 yds / 224 m; 5 oz / 140 g) Medium Weight Yarn [4]. Color: Raspberry Swirl
  • Hook: 4.5 mm Clover Amour
  • Scissors, Yarn Needle, Stitch Marker (optional)

Difficulty Level

Beginner – Easy

Finished Size

1.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches long


approximately 7 rows in 2 inches; 4 baby bean stitch sets in 2 inches

You can substitute any yarn and hook for this stitch pattern – just remember when you substitute if your gauge is different, the finished size of your project will also be different.


US Terminology used

ch – chain
ch1sp – chain 1 space
R – row
rem – remaining
rep – repeat
sc – single crochet
sc2tog-cl – single crochet 2 together cluster stitch (all worked in one stitch or space)
sk – skip
st/sts – stitch/stitches
* – Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain of multiple instructions.
() – Repeat the instructions between the parentheses the number of times indicated.
[] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

Special Stitches

Baby Bean Stitch - Oombawka Design, Ltd.

Stitch Key - Baby Bean Stitch - Oombawka Design, Ltd.

Baby Bean Stitch

Insert your hook into the specified stitch (or stitch space) yarn over and pull up one loop (2 loops on the hook), yarn over the hook and insert your hook into the same specified stitch (or stitch space), yarn over and pull up one loop (4 loops on the hook). Yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on the hook to complete the baby bean stitch.

Helpful Tutorials

Stitch Anatomy

Whip Stitch Seam

Helpful Video Tutorials

Quick Stitch Guide 

Slip Knot and Starting Chain


  • Please be sure to read the Baby Bean Stitch notes above in Special Stitches because the sc2tog cluster is not worked as you would expect it to be worked! There is one extra yarn over in there to make it easy to crochet! Please see the Special Stitches Section.
  • This project is worked back-and-forth in rows
  • This bookmark is not thin – it is a thicker bookmark and it is not suited to all types of books – I made it for my daughter for her books many of which are hardcover books

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Baby Bean Stitch Bookmark Oombawka Design Stashbuster Project Medium Weight Yarn

Baby Bean Bookmark Pattern Instructions

R1: Ch 37, beg in the 3rd st from the hook and work sc2tog-cl, *Ch 1, sk 1 ch, sc2tog-cl** in the next ch.** Rep from * to ** across. Turn. [18 sc2tog-cl]

R2: Sk all ch1sp across. Ch 2, sc2tog-cl in the top of the next sc2tog-cl. *Ch 1, sc2tog-cl** in the top of the next sc2tog-cl. Rep from * to ** in the top of each sc2tog-cl across. Turn. [18 sc2tog-cl]

R3-R5: Rep R2. Finish off and weave in ends.


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