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Recently Angelique contacted me on Ravelry to share her instructions for a pair of matching Leg Warmer / boot cuffs – designed to go with the Fall Poncho.

You can see her daughter’s (she’s 8 years old) pair in the photo below; contributed by Angelique82 from Ravelry.

Angelique82 Ravelry Pattern Share Post

This is how she made them:

“I started with a row of foundation half double crochet and connected them. I started with 31 only because that was the number that fit my daughter’s skinny leg. the number of stitches isn’t really important other than for fit. I worked this in the round using markers instead of slip stitches.

row 1. foundation HDC
row 2-3 HDC across

Next decide where your heel will be, I mentally broke it up in thirds. 1/3 HDC chain 1/3 (skip those stitches on the work for the heel) HDC the remaining 1/3.

row 4 HDC across including your chains from the previous round.
row 5-10 HDC.
row 11 granule stitch

(Granule Stitch: 1 sc, 1 sc picot) across

row 12 double crochet across
row 13. backpost DC, frontpost DC. repeat across
row 14-16 HDC across
row 17 granule stitch across
row 18 DC across
row 19 alternate backpost DC and frontpost DC again.
row 20  1 sc, 1 cluster stitch

Cluster Stitch (CL): (YO, insert hook into the stitch indicated and draw up 1 loop) 3 times. YO and draw through all 7 loops on the hook. Repeat across.

Again, this was inspired by the poncho CAL that happened a while back, my little one wanted these to go with her poncho.”

Angelique generously offered this information to be included in a post on my website – in case anyone else was interested in making a pair of matching leg warmers with their ponchos – or even as a stand-alone crochet project.

Thank you Angelique!

You can contact her on Ravelry with your thanks or any questions you may have 🙂

Angelique’s Project Page

If you are thinking of trying to make a pair yourself here are some standard measurements for legs for Newborns to 2-5 year old children. Becka from Warming the Heart has kindly agreed to allow me to share this chart with you in my post. Thank you Becka!

Quick Note: When creating items in crochet it is important to remember about ease – for items you need to fit closely you need them to stretch to fit or else they become too loose and fall down. If you want them to slouch you need them to be the almost the same size as the shape you are trying to fit, or if the yarn you are using does not have much stretch to it, even a bit larger.

So to start you will need to determine the ankle measurement of the recipient and crochet your foundation hdc row (the first row of Angelique’s instructions) to that measurement (or slightly larger).

Tutorials Angelique has referenced in her post:

Foundation hdc

Granule Stitch

FP double crochet

BP double crochet

Thank you to Angelique for contributing these handy instructions and to Becka for her helpful leg warmer measurement chart!


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