Helpful Crochet Links

Sometimes I come across crochet sites offering fantastic tutorials and tips and I wanted a page to exist on my site where I could share these with you. You will find a collection of different crochet sites and tutorial links I have found helpful included – especially for techniques used in amigurumi and beginner crochet tutorials. I’ve included links to some great beginner crochet video tutorials on YouTube below too.

Of course you will also find some hidden gems – I think they are at least – for vintage crochet patterns which are now in the public domain. These are at the very end of the page.

Have fun browsing through this collection of helpful crochet links!

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Link Parties

Crochet Pattern Tests

Crochet Charities


Amigurumi Tips/Tricks

From CraftPassion: How To Amigurumi

Crochet Lessons

Annie’s Crafts – the following instructions are found at the Annie’s Crafts link:
How to Crochet & Basic Stitches
How to Crochet the Turning Chain
How to Fasten Off
How to Crochet in the Front and Back Loop
Helpful Tips and Hints
Beyond Basic Stitches
The Importance of Gauge
How to Increase and Decrease
Standard Yarn Weights
Blocking Basics
Crochet Techniques
How to Join Yarn
How to Read Crochet Patterns
Understanding Abbreviations

Video Tutorials

The Crochet Crowd


Crochet Geek has 2 fabulous channels with video tutorials/instructions

Crochet – Simple Crochet – Beginner Lessons
Crochet Geek – Teaching the World to Crochet One Stitch at a Time


Meladora’s Creations – Teaching the World to Crochet


Simply Crochet has a fabulous Tutorial section that explains with pictures and/or video how to crochet different stitches, as well as, join shapes or work in the round.


New Stitch A Day – includes crochet and knit video tutorials


Free Vintage Patterns (all kinds of needlework including many crochet patterns):

Home Needlework Magazine (1899-1917)

Home Needlework Magazine, v 1, (1899)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 2, (1900)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 3, (1901)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 4, (1902)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 6-7, (1904-1905)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 8-9 (1906-1907)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 10-11, (1908-1909)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 12-13, (1910-1912)

Home Needlework Magazine, v 14-15, (1912-1913)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 16, (1914)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 17, (1915)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 18, (Jan – Oct 1916)
Home Needlework Magazine, v 18-19, (Nov 1916 – Apr 1917)
Alice Fowler Baby Set Designs

Vintage Books

The Columbia Book of Yarns, by Anna Schumacker

How To Crochet (c. 1883)  Crochet Series, No. 1-5, Kerzman, Marie Louise

The Glossilla Book of Crochet Novelties, Ulmann, Bernhard

The Priscilla Crochet Book, Centerpieces and Doilies, Robinson, Belle

The Priscilla Baby Book, Barsaloux, Elsa S

Priscilla Wool Crochet Book, Hettich, Lola B

Utopia Yarn Book

Blog Posts

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