Free Vintage Baby Crochet Patterns by Alice Fowler

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A few years ago (2013) I found this fabulous link to a collection of free vintage baby crochet patterns designed by Alice Fowler before the 1950s. These are vintage patterns and reportedly in the public domain. The patterns include baby crochet patterns for both baby boys and baby girls! You will also find Knit Baby Designs included in this archive.

The patterns are cataloged by number, rather than by name. I don’t think you are likely to come across these patterns unless you search for “Alice Fowler” specifically, since the patterns do not have names (other than the number codes!).


free baby crochet patterns vintage alice fowler baby patterns

Alice Fowler Designs Available Online

UPDATE: 2018: The original site is no longer available but has been archived by the digital archive project!

Here are the working links:

Alice Fowler Designs

The patterns are dated from 1952 to 1958 and include crochet and knit baby wear. I have included the direct links to the archived posts for all the crochet patterns which were available on the original site.


The patterns range from number 1170 to 1260.


Suggested Hook Substitutions:

BONE CROCHET HOOK SIZE 1: Use 2.25 mm hook
BONE CROCHET HOOK SIZE 2: Use 2.75 mm hook

Baby Crochet Pattern Links

Alice Fowler Crocheted Shoe Bootee 1170

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1171

Alice Fowler Crocheted Sacque, bonnet, and booties 1172

Crocheted Sacque, bonnet, and booties 1173

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1174

Crocheted Baby Set No 1175

Star Stitch Soaker No. 1176

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1177

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1178

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1179

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1180

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1181

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1182

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1183

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1184

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1185

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1186

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1187

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1188

Crocheted Baby Bootee Set No. 1189

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1190

Crochet Baby Set No. 1191

Crochet Baby Set No. 1192

Crochet Baby Set No. 1193

Crochet Baby Set No. 1195

Crocheted Baby Romper No. 1198

Crocheted Baby Set No 1201

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1205

Crocheted Baby Bootee Set No. 1206

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1207

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1208

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1211

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1212

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1213

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1216

Crocheted Baby Bootee Set No. 1217

Baby Nightingale No. 1221

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1225

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1229

Crocheted Baby Dress No. 1233

Crocheted Baby Bootee Set No. 1236

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1239

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1240

Crocheted Baby Bootee Set No. 1246

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1248

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1249

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1251

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1252

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1254

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1258

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1259

Crocheted Baby Set No. 1260

A summary of the Crochet Stitch Combinations used in the patterns can be found here:

Crochet Stitch Combinations

The links below the following images will take you directly to the range of patterns shown.

To see the images for Patterns 1170-1199:

Alice Fowler Knitting and Crochet Baby Patterns 1170 to 1199

Alice Fowler Knitting and Crochet Baby Patterns 1200 to 1229

Alice Fowler Knitting and Crochet Baby Patterns 1230 to 1260

Do you love Vintage Crochet Patterns too?

Here are some other ones I’ve been able to find online:

Vintage Crochet Patterns


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  1. I found my Original Designs by Alice Fowler. I have sets No. 1171, 1172, 1175, 1178, 1188, 1205, 124 10, 1247, 1257, and 1260.

  2. hi rhondda
    i got on the links i never had my wifi on my phone and my network provider would not let me go on the website

  3. Hi Lorraine, I double checked the first 3 links and they are opening up to the patterns. They open up in a site called which takes snapshots of the posts on the internet so if someone takes down their website you can still access the content that was there. Which link wasn’t working for you? Thanks, Rhondda

  4. hi rhondda
    im trying to get on the links for the alice fowler patterns and it will not load is ther any other links i could go to to get the patterns

  5. Hi Sandra, You are very welcome 🙂 I was very happy to see the archive site had the posts too! Have a lovely day, Rhondda

  6. It is so nice to see that the iseespots site has been archived and you are posting links to it. I would check it periodically for updates and was disappointed when it went missing. Fortunately I had already saved the pages for myself, but felt bad for those that missed out. Thank you for making them readily available for others.

  7. Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for letting me know 🙂 I will try my best to use lighter yarns for videos going forward – I haven’t watched a lot of crocheting videos so I never even thought it would make a difference! Thank you again for letting me know. Wishing you the very best, Rhondda

  8. Hello, I’m watching your video for the bonnet and appreciate your work, however, I had a hard time seeing your actual work because you used a dark yarn. It would be much easier to follow you if the yarn color you teach with is a light color. Just a friendly suggestion. I’m 70 yrs old and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

  9. Hi Marge 🙂 I’ve updated the post with the links for each of the baby crochet patterns which are available. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  10. Hi Marge, I don’t have them saved myself either. It is a shame that some of them are no longer available. 🙁

  11. Hi Rhondda! I found the old Alice Fowler designs on web site.