Afrikaans Crochet Terms

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Do you have an Afrikaans Crochet Pattern you want to make but you need it translated into English terms instead? Before you use Google Translate, check the term you need from our list below!

Afrikaans Crochet Terms - Crochet Translation Project

This post includes Afrikaans Crochet Terms which have been translated to English Crochet Terms (American Terms). 

We have more Afrikaans Crochet Terms available too.  Other languages included in our Crochet Translation Project are: Swahili, Finnish, English U.K., English U.S., Afrikaans, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish and German.

Afrikaans Crochet Terms and English Translations

Welcome to the Translation Page for Afrikaans Crochet Terms!

Scroll down for the printable and searchable list of terms we have available. If you would like to add a term or suggest a correction, please feel free to leave us a comment 🙂 Thank you! Rhondda

Thank you to: Trudie VanDyk, Petro Greeff, Tanja Koolmoes and Dedri Uys

Please remember this is a work-in-progress and if you have any suggestions, corrections or terms to add – please send me a message or leave a comment so I can update the chart!

U.S. Crochet TermsAfrikaans Crochet Terms
back loop (BL)Agterste Lus (als)
back loop only (blo)Agterste Lus (als alleen)
back post (BP)Agterste hekkie (ah)
back post single crochet (BPsc)Agterste hekkie kortbeentjies (ah kb)
back post half double crochet (BPhdc)Agterste hekkie halwe langbeentjie (ah hib)
back post double crochet (BPdc)Agterste hekkie langbeentjie (ah lb)
back post triple (treble) crochet (BPtr)Agterste hekkie dubbelslagsteek (ah dsl)
before (bef)Voor
beginning (beg)Begin (beg)
between (bet)Tussen-in
chain (ch)Kettingsteek (ks)
chain space (ch-sp)Kettingsteek spasie (ks ps)
cluster (CL)Trossie (tr)
continue (cont)Gaan voort (g.v.)
decrease (dec)Verminder
double crochet (dc)Langbeentjies (lb)
double triple (treble) crochet (dtr)Vierslagsteek (vs st)
fasten off / bind off (fo / bo)heg af (h.a.)
follow / follows / following (foll)Volg
front loop (FL)Voorste lus (vls)
front loop only (flo)Voorste lus alleenlik (vslalleen)
front post (FP)Voorste hekkie (vhk)
front post single crochet (FPsc)Voorste hekkie kortbeenjies (v hk kb)
front post half double crochet (FPhdc)Voorste hekkie halwe langbeentjie (v hk hlb)
front post double crochet (FPdc)Voorste hekkie langbeentjie (v hk lb)
front post triple (treble) crochet (FPtr)voorste hekkie dubbelslagteek (v hk dsl)
half double crochet (hdc)Halwe langbeentjie (hlb)
increase (inc)Vermeerder
insert hookDruk hekelpen in
join / join into ringverbind
loop (lp)Lus (ls)
magic ring / magic circle (MR)sirkel
nextVolgende (volg)
pattern (pat / patt)Patroon
picot (p)Picot p
place marker (pm)plaas merker
remaining (rem)Oorblywende
repeat repHerhaal
repeat from * to * *Herhaal van * tot *
reverse single crochet (crab stitch)Omgekeerde kortbeentjies
right side (correct side) (RS)Regte kant
right side (opposite of left)Regterkant
round (rd)Rondte
row (R)Ry
single crochet (sc)kortbeentjies (kb)
skip (sk)Slaan oor
slip stitch (sl st)Glipsteek (gls)
space (s) sp (s)Spasie (sp)
stitch (st)Steek (st)
stitches (st(s) or sts)Steke (sts)
times (x)Herhaal
together (tog)Tesame
triple ( or treble ) crochet (tr)Dubbelslagsteek (dsl)
turn the workDraai werk om
work / makeMaak
wrong side (WS)Verkeerde kant
yarn over / yarn over hook ( yo / yoh)Breidraad rondom pen
Afrikaans Crochet Terms - Crochet Translation Project

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