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Here’s how it works.

This quick visual tutorial will show you how to set up a project page on Ravelry! Keep track of what you are working on and save your progress; including your yarn and hook information.

For the purposes of this quick tutorial I am creating a ‘pretend’ Project Page using my Mommy’s New Mitts Pattern. If you are searching for this pattern you can find it here: Mommy’s New Mitts


Step 1: Find the design you want to crochet on Ravelry. Once you have it (pretend you really want to try my new mitten pattern!) then you click on “Hook It!” on the right-hand side (see the #1 below). A little pop-up window opens and lets you rename your mittens  whatever YOU want them to be called (which you can change at anytime); see #2 below. Then once you have renamed them click on “create this project” (#3 below).

See the “add to favorites” and “add to library” options on the right – beside the “hook it!” option? We LOVE it when you add our projects to your favorites because it helps our patterns show up in search results on Ravelry. The add to library option is fantastic too – because it will let you find your favorites later easily!

1 Ravelry Mommy s New Mitts pattern by Oombawka Design

A quick aside – see the phrase “visit pattern website” – when you see this it means there is an alternate link to the pattern and in this case it is my free pattern version. You can purchase a $2.00 Ad-Free PDF (if you are opposed to viewing patterns on monetized websites) on Ravelry, or you can simply click “visit pattern website” to visit my site and view the pattern for Free.

Step 2: Now you can see your project page without any additional details. Click on “edit project” (#4 below) to add details to your project – including yarns, hooks, notes, happiness levels, when you plan on starting your project and when you are finished you can add the finished date too. You can even leave a happiness level for the pattern and the yarn you use.

1.2 Ravelry RhonddaM s Mommy s New Mitts

Step 3: Complete the details you want to complete and “Save Changes” (bottom right of notes box). There are tabs on the right side for adding your photos, you can change your status, add the start date, how happy you are with the progress you are making…and even share with a Ravelry Group. You can also add Tags so you can find your project easily – or if you are working with a group you can find all the projects using a specific tag – like #CALOFTHEMONTH2017 .

2 Ravelry RhonddaM s Mommy s New Mitts

Once you have completed your Project Page it is easy to find again later. Simply hover over the tab on the top “My Notebook” and then click on “projects“. It will open a new page with all the projects you have created and saved!

Ravelry RhonddaM s Mommy s New Mitts Projects

and that’s how you make a Project Page on Ravelry!



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