A Crochet Bucket List Project – Trek Bracelet

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Design: Trek Bracelet
Designer: Susan Carlson, Felted Button
Back in June, I saw this bracelet posted on Facebook and I added it to my Ravelry library.  I love projects that I can complete quickly – I think I yearn for that sense of accomplishment – of reaching an end goal and having something to show for it.
Chasing my Littles about all the time, I often feel that I never have enough time to accomplish simple tasks. Finishing crochet projects gives me back a bit of the ‘control’ I so desperately yearn for.
Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t trade one moment of time with my children – not for anything – the good and the bad and the ugly 😉 and all the moments in between.  They (and my husband) are my world.
However, I think the consistency of crochet somehow keeps me centred…focused on reaching goals…and remembering myself, amidst all the chaos my small children seem to weave about me.  It brings me a sense of calm and late at night when I have a hook in my hand and quiet surrounds me I almost feel like I enter a meditative state…my breathing slows…my mind calms…and I just…crochet.
Susan’s bracelet pattern is simple.  It would make an excellent idea for a last minute gift – or a gift for yourself.  How often do we overlook ourselves?  With everything we have to accomplish everyday – it is so very easy to do.  So why not make one of these for yourself?
The pattern is FREE and available here:
Photo Credit: Susan Carlson (Felted Button)
via Ravelry – Trek Bracelet
I had a little bit of difficulty locating lobster clasps (I found that a bit strange – I could only find HUGE ones) so I decided to check out the bracelet clasps at Michael’s to see what I could find that would work similarly.
I substituted Bead Landing Closures (23mm) that are similar to the lobster clasp, except they don’t have the swivel piece.  The Lobster Clasps will work better I think – although I am fully satisfied with the closures for myself.
The bracelets took less than 15 minutes to make –
I tried 2 different types of yarn.  The first yarn I tried was Bernat Cotton-ish (Vickie Howell) – the grey bracelet.  It is my favorite.  So very soft and light to wear.

The second yarn I tried was worsted weight yarn – Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in white – the bracelet turned out wider and a bit heavier – it is also very lovely.
For both bracelets I used a 5.50mm hook.
Here are the photos of the bracelets:


Trek Bracelet - Crochet Bucket List Project - oombawkadesigncrochet.com


Trek Bracelet - Crochet Bucket List Project - oombawkadesigncrochet.com
Quick, easy and pretty to wear.
If you are not familiar with Susan of Felted Button, you may want to pop over and take a look at her site and beautiful designs.
Here is another lovely FREE pattern she has available on Ravelry:
Photo Credit: Susan Carlson (Felted Button)
via Ravelry – From the Heart Bunting



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