A Crochet Bucket List Project – Southern and Sassy

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Southern and Sassy

Designed by: Kathy Lashley, Elk Studio

A few months ago, I saw this fabulous hat on Kathy’s blog…and I knew I wanted to make one for myself.
As soon as Kathy’s pattern became available, I purchased the digital pdf, the millinery wire and the joiner from her Etsy shop.  I love that she had the wire and the joiner available – it made the process of recreating the hat so much easier.



Photo Credit: Kathy Lashley (ravelry)Southern and Sassy

The Omega Sinfonia yarn is very difficult to find in Ontario, Canada (if it is here somewhere it must be in a Speciality Yarn Shop) so I went about trying to find a substitute for the yarn to make the hat.  I tried a few brands of 100% cotton yarn but they were too heavy.

I finally chose to use Cotton-ish by Bernat (Vickie Howell) as it allowed me to reach the specified gauge in the pattern.  It is an acrylic/cotton mix and absolutely lovely to use.

I used a 4.25 mm crochet hook to make my version of Kathy’s “Southern and Sassy” hat.

Here are some photos of me wearing my snazzy hat!



Southern and Sassy Hat - CBL Project

I love my new sunhat!

I found the yarn I chose to use had a wee bit more ‘stretch’ than I expected.  This caused the hat to pull away slightly from my head but it makes the hat very comfortable.

I will be able to sit in the backyard and watch the Littles play in their pool, while staying cool in the shade of the hat’s fabulous brim!

I am planning a trip to a speciality yarn shop this summer and I am going to pick up some light 100% cotton yarn to try on a second hat.

I really love this pattern.  Kathy provides photos to guide you in the creation of the special stitch and I found the written instructions very easy to follow.

Kathy has just released a second hat pattern in her shop(s).  This new hat is called “Simply Southern” and it is stunning!  Now I want to make this one too!  My poor bucket list…

The photo below includes the link to Kathy’s shop on Ravelry.

Photo Credit: Kathy Lashley (via Ravelry)
Simply Southern

Another pattern I have hooked from Kathy’s collection is this beautiful Infinity Hounds Tooth Scarf .

Photo Credit: Kathy Lashley (ravelry)
Infinity Hounds Tooth Scarf

This pattern is a free pattern and available on Kathy’s blog Elk Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs.

You can find Kathy on Facebook too 🙂 Every Monday she hosts a “Making it thru Monday” event – you can post photos of your current projects/finished objects on her page to share with fellow Crocheters.



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