A Crochet Bucket List Project – Flower Bracelet

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Design:  Flower Bracelet
Designer:  Kara Gunza  (Petals to Picots)

What can I say about this bracelet…I love it.  I wear it out and about. I wear it when I am typing on the computer (I never wear jewellery when I am using the computer as it makes my wrists hurt)…it is lightweight and so VERY comfortable.

Photo Credit: Kara Gunza (Petals to Picots) via Ravelry
Flower Bracelet

I learned a new technique when making this bracelet too, JAYGO method and I feel it can be applied to so many crochet projects!

The instructions were precise and very easy to follow.  I didn’t have any questions while working this project.

For my bracelet (pictured below) I used Bernat Handicrafter thread – I am unsure of the weight as the label was lost long ago – I don’t think it is size 10 thread though as it seems slightly heavier – and a 1.80 mm hook (I didn’t own a 2.00 mm hook when I decided to make this project).

Flower Bracelet CBL Project


It took me, maybe, 2-hours, from start to finish…I was interrupted frequently while working on this project…if you can call your 2-year old son pretending to fly off the arm of the couch onto your lap as you are trying to use a very tiny hook “interrupting”…
The next day saw me at Michaels purchasing a 2.00 mm hook and Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread (10)…and I plan to make some more of these!

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