A Bucket of Baby Sloths

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Today I’d like to share with you a free pattern for Baby Sloths. I have crocheted five of these little sloth babies so far and I am working on 3 more. Last week I was tagged 5 times (yes five times) by family and friends with the Facebook Baby Finger Sloth post. I fell in love with these little guys right away because I have a thing for sloths and these ones are just too cute to ignore!

Crochet Bucket List Project OombawkaDesign Crochet 2018

If you are unfamiliar with my Crochet Bucket List Project, it is a list of patterns from other Designers that I want to crochet. Occasionally I find some time to make these items from my Crochet Bucket List and when I do, I like to share my finished projects with you online. Hopefully this will also help the other Designer too 🙂 Maybe you will want to make these baby sloths as well!

Let me introduce you to my first 5 sloths:

Basket of Baby Sloths Crocheted by Oombawka Design Crochet 2018

Here are the details about where you can get the free pattern too:

Pattern Name: Crochet Amigurumi Baby Sloth
Designed by: TheTwistedCrocheter
Price (at the time of this post): FREE*
Format: English (US) PDF Pattern
Pattern Available Here: Crochet Amigurumi Baby Sloth Pattern

The pattern you receive is well written and includes helpful photos to make it easy to find the correct placement for the body parts when you are assembling your baby sloth.

I’ve attempted to crochet my baby sloths in 2 different kinds of yarn – just because I was curious to see how much bigger they would turn out and because my hands have been bothering me a lot this last week and I was finding it tricky to work the smaller size stitches. I started with the DK weight yarn and made the 2 purple baby sloths first. Then I switched to the Heartland Yarn and made 3 more but I needed to go up 1 hook size for my hands. If you are using the Heartland use the 4 mm hook instead if you can because the stitches will be tighter and less prone to stretching when you are stuffing the bodies with Poly-Fil.

Here are the details for my 2 versions (same pattern just different hook/yarn combos!!):

Purple Baby Sloth (these are for my 2 nieces):

Yarn: CotLin DK Yarn from KnitPicks (color: Whisper and Linen)
Hook: 4 mm (G) Clover Amour
Finished Size: 3 inches tall and arm span is 6.5 inches wide

Brown Baby Sloth (for 2 of my sisters and my Mom):

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarns Heartland (colors: Great Sand Dunes and Acadia)
Hook: 5 mm (H) Clover Amour
Finished Size: 3.5 inches tall and arm span is 8 inches wide

Each of these little guys took me about 1 hour to crochet and about 40 minutes to assemble and to stitch the face patches, eyes and fingers. I’m sure you will be able to go faster than me on this project though!


  • As with anything with matching parts, I recommend you work the matching parts (i.e. both arms) in the same sitting.
  • I used a double magic ring to start each piece as I find this the most secure way to start any project in the round.
  • I flattened the ends of the arms and the legs and whip-stitched them closed first before whip-stitching them to the body.

I still have 3 baby sloths to crochet 🙂

The Twisted Crocheter has a number of these adorable baby finger sloths available for purchase in her online shop too! If you want one but do not know how to crochet one yourself.

Bucket of Sloths Crocheted by oombawkadesigncrochet


I encourage you to check out what The Twisted Crocheter has to offer on her Blog and Shop, Facebook and Instagram too!

*Please note prices indicated were in effect at the time the post was written and are subject to change at the discretion of the original Designer*


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