80 Free Printable Crochet Patterns

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Looking for a new project to crochet? Not sure where to start searching? Here are 80 Free Printable Crochet Patterns for you to choose from.

Included in this crochet pattern collection are 20 Beginner Level Patterns, 20 Easy Level Patterns, 20 Intermediate Level Patterns and 20 Experienced Level Patterns. Whatever your skill level, there is a pattern for you in this collection.

Each of these crochet patterns is free and is available as a printable (or saveable) PDF!

Did you know you can make almost any post online into a Free PDF Printable Pattern? Well, you can and here’s how: How to make a PDF from any post online.

80 Free PDF Printable Crochet Patterns

80 Free Printable Crochet Patterns

80 Free Crochet Patterns with Printable PDFs

80 Free Crochet Patterns with Printable PDFs Click to Tweet

20 BEGINNER LEVEL Free Crochet Patterns

These 20 beginner friendly crochet patterns are available for free! Using basic crochet stitches, like single crochet stitches and chain stitches, these patterns will help you practice your newfound crochet skills to make something simple and fun. You can even create a printable, savable PDF to work from later. Included in this collection are the following free patterns: Moonlit Crochet Wall Hangings, Simple Crochet Dishcloth, Chain Wrap Bracelet, Buttoned Cuff Bracelet, Stylish Pouf, Jeans Worthy Cowl, Jingle Bell Stockings, Crochet Change Purse, Coaster Set, Baby Boots, Preemie Hats, Puff Stitch Cowl, One-Row Double Crochet Bracelet, Long Boot Warmers, Snappy Stripe Hat, Single Square Coasters, Crochet Granny Blues Lapghan, Crochet Can Cozies, Half Circle Bag and Crochet Head-Hugger Cap.

20 EASY LEVEL Free Crochet Patterns

Newer to crochet and looking to practice your crochet skills? Try making one of these easy patterns. Projects include baby blankets, projects with easy repeat sections, free crochet blanket patterns and crocheted hat patterns. This crochet roundup includes the following free patterns: Flam Grannies Scarf, Granny Neutrals Scarf, Marly’s Perfect Crew Neck Poncho, Date Night Glamorous Shawl, Spiced Up Shoulder Cozy, Athleisure Striping Throw, Striped Gift Scarf, Simone’s Open Wave Shawl, Name Train, Shark Puppet Scrubby, Strol in Style Scarf, Santa Scrubby Mitt, Sweet Abby’s Baby Sweater, Light & Lacy Shawl, Two-Color Baby Booties, So Soft Security Blanket, Colorful Striped Pullover, Dottie Bottle Cozy, Dynamite Eyeglass Case and the Joy of Dance Leg Warmers easy pattern.

20 INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Free Crochet Patterns

Ready for a bit of a challenge? Try one of these intermediate level patterns. Make one of these beautiful texture filled afghan patterns to snuggle up on the couch under, or one of the outfits like a sweater or crochet dress. Go beyond double crochet stitches and try something a little bit more involved. Patterns included in this crochet collection are: Confetti Super Scarf, Transformation Sweater, Mandala Doily, Corner-to-Corner (Box Stitch) Snowflake Blanket, Pulled Taffy Blanket, La-di-da Dog Sweater, First Aid Kit, Baby Elf Hat, Mandala Sampler Throw, Pineapple Lace Shawl, Toddler Joyful Jumper, Natural Beauty Crochet Dress, Chasing Rainbows Blanket, Dynamic Squares Throw, Tree of Snowflakes, Houndstooth Throw, Mitered Dishcloths and the Graphic Fall Throw.

20 EXPERIENCED LEVEL Free Crochet Patterns

These experienced level crochet patterns may be a bit more involved but they are definitely worth the extra effort you will put into making them. This collection includes: Baby Santa Hat with Beard, Artisan Baby Jumper, Exquisite Bridal Topper, Coventry Doily, Desert Star Trhow, Cable Your Love Blanket, Flower Garden Throw, Wisteria Doily, Peppermint Throw and Pillow, Love this Cardi, Stunning Bridal Belt, Snowflake Doily, Graphic Crochet Throw, Doll Wedding Dress, Date-Night Lacy Sweater, Round You Go Throw, Flutter Cardigan, Yule Tree Throw & Pillow, Tunisian “In the Round” Mittens and the Cockleshells & Bobbles Throw and Pillow.

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