7 Native American Potholder Patterns

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This month for our Indie Designer Review and Giveaway, Carol Hegar from Shady Lane Original Crochet Designs has donated a copy of her e-Pattern for 7 Native American Potholders to be given away!

[disclaimer]I received a copy of this pattern to review from Shady Lane Original Crochet Designs. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.[/disclaimer]

Native American Potholders from ShadyLaneOriginalCrochetDesigns Review and Giveaway at Oombawka Design Crochet

Title: Native American Crochet Potholders
Author: Carol Hegar

Native American Crochet Potholder Patterns Review

The Native American Potholders are one of Shady Lane Original Crochet Designs’ most popular pattern booklets.  These 7 unique double-thickness potholders are a great gift idea and they make a good portable project to take along when you are travelling.

Great Summertime Crochet Projects

They are also perfect summertime crochet projects because they are small projects that won’t “cover your lap” on hot days like an afghan does.


Yarn and Hook

Carol recommends using a cotton worsted weight yarn [4] to make these potholders because natural fibers like cotton can withstand heat better than man-made fibers like acrylic (which melt at high temperatures).  You will also need a 4 mm (G) crochet hook.

Easy to Learn Crochet Technique

These beautiful designs are much easier to crochet than you would think and with Carol’s helpful step-by-step video tutorial you will be able to master the technique easily.
The Native American themed potholders are crocheted with an easy-to-learn method where you work only one color at a time, using a dropped double crochet stitch technique.
Instead of trying to juggle more than one color of yarn at a time for each row you work, this technique allows you to crochet your stitches into the remaining front loop of a stitch 2 rows prior and add a different color simply!
This means you only work with a single color of yarn for each row you are working!

It is very important to read page 2 of the e-Pattern. It explains how the potholders are crocheted and which loop of the stitch you will be working into. It also reminds you that you will not be turning your work for this project.

American Crochet Terms

The patterns are written out in full, in American crochet terminology. For instructions which are being repeated a certain number of times, an “X” has been used to indicate “times”. For example, if you need to repeat something 9 times the instructions will be (sc, dc) 9X. Another way of writing this (in an expanded form) would be *1 sc in the next stitch, 1 dc in the next stitch**. Rep from * to ** nine times.

The back of the potholder is the same for all 7 designs. You will find the instructions for the back of the potholder on page 3. Be sure to read the Note provided on page 3 about the width measurement for the back piece and how to adjust your work if it is not matching up exactly.

Designs Included

  • Fiesta
  • Mesa
  • Taos
  • Apache Tears
  • Diamond
  • Southwest Style
  • Tribal Traditions

The Native American Potholders ePattern is available for purchase from Shady Lane Original Crochet Designs. The current price (which is subject to change) at the time of this post being written is $8.95 USD. If you would like to get your own copy today, you can use this coupon to receive 15% off: BAWKA and the coupon works for all the patterns on her site!  If you win the raffle and you have already purchased the booklet, Carol will be happy to substitute another crochet booklet of your choice from her designs!

Other Patterns To Try

This technique works really well for geometric designs and you can see other examples of Carol’s available patterns for Native American designs, hearts, diamonds, teddy bears, choo-choo trains, kitty cats and castles on her website.

Only simple stitches are used to make the potholders, so I feel a determined beginner would be able to make these projects. You will only need to understand where to find the front loops and back loops of your stitches, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitches.  I love how easy this technique makes it to crochet mosaic designs.


Would you like to win a PDF copy of the Native American Potholders e-Pattern?

Here’s how you can enter for a chance to win!

Native American Potholders Review and Giveaway at Oombawka Design Crochet ends May 21 2019 1159 pm ET

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If you are not the lucky winner of the giveaway and you would like to purchase your own copy of the Native American Potholders e-Pattern, you can get it directly from Carol’s site. Be sure to use this coupon code for 15% off (for a limited time!) any of her patterns from her shop! Browse her patterns here. Coupon Code: BAWKA

Please note: refunds will not be given for incorrectly applied, or the failure to remember to apply the coupon code before purchase. Please double check and message us if you have questions about using the coupon code. We are happy to help resolve issues that arise before you complete a purchase! Thank you for your understanding, Rhondda

I’d like to thank Carol Hegar for providing me with the review copy of the Native American Potholders e-Pattern and for the giveaway copy for my readers!

All images are used with permission from Shady Lane Original Crochet Designs. For more information about Shady Lane Original Crochet Designs, please visit their website!

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  1. Love the detailing in these designs. I purchased the hat book. Though my hat came out extremely large it was fun to do and rather easy. I dont normally buy books but i just might with this one.

  2. This ebook caught my eye and after reading your review I think I am going to purchase one. I liked that you said it was basically all easy stitches. I guess looks are deceiving, because the design looks harder.

  3. Love the designs of these and I wish I would have seen all your reviews sooner. But I think I’d go broke if I bought every book you review. You have a knack for making great reviews.

  4. I chose this ebook because I liked the look of the pot holders as they are neat looking. After reading your review I think I might get an ebook. I have knit and crocheted since I was a child and making things for craft fairs is something I enjoy and not to make money at so finding things that make up easily and potential to sell is what I look for.

  5. This book looks like it has great patterns and I really would like to learn this technique of crocheting.

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    I am very intrigued with creating any of her designs,( But only if I can do the pattern Justice)
    i cant wait o purchase her booklet!

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