50 Free Crochet Brooch Patterns

I hope you enjoy the links!  This week’s Free Crochet Pattern Friday category is Crochet Brooches and Pins!  You can Click the image to enlarge it!

FCPF Round Up Brooch and Pin50 Free Crochet Brooch Patterns

		50 Free Crochet Pattern Links for Brooches and Pins! #freecrochetpattern	

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1. Layered Ruffle Flower – Fiber Flux
2. Crochet Flower Brooch Tutorial – Made by Joanne
3. Daisy Delight Flower Pin – Cre8tion Crochet
4. Little Flower Brooch – GoodKnits
5. Deco Rose and Veined Leaf –  Wind Rose Fiber Studio (image: Oombawka Design CBL Project)
6. Minty the Happy Sheep Badge – Loopsan
7. Red Kiss Appliqué – Be A Crafter xD
8. Angel Pin – Kim Guzman
9. Lil’ Glassic Teddy Keychain or Brooch – Little Yarn Friends
10. Rose Brooch with Leaves – Oombawka Design
11. Strawberry Pin (or ring) – Aurore T – Des trucs, deuxième prise
12. Pansy – Carola W – Carola Ellens’ Ravelry Downloads
13. Hope – Vendula M – Magic with Hook and Needles
14. Lamb Brooch – Vendula M – Magic with Hook and Needles
15. Fox Brooch / Pin – Mad Madam Mel
16. Matryoshka Brooch – Annaboo’s House
17. Scottie Dog Brooch by Annaboo’s House
Remember if you want to be included in the Free Crochet Pattern Friday Round Up Pinnable image I need your permission to include your photos!

So please contact me to provide consent – and you never know – next week your design could be featured too! To learn more about this opportunity read this post: Would you like to be featured?

Not included in the image:

18. Crocheted Peony Brooch by Dawn
19. Poinsettia brooch by Margarida Paredes
20. Swirly brooch by Sunnybank Studios
21. Speech bubble brooch by Joanna Bapari
22. Lollipop Brooch by Twinkie Chan
23. Free Holiday Crochet Brooch – Oombawka Design
24. Vintage Brooch Crochet by Lanasyovillos official
25. Akua’s Daisy by Akua Lezli Hope
26. Rose Buds Brooch Crochet by Alla Koval
27. Cheeky Monkey Badge by Loopsan
28. tiny candy corn by Trish Young
29. Flowers That Won’t Wilt by Lena Gjerald

30. Happy Heart Pin by Allison Hoffman
31. Pointy Petal Flower! by Crochet with Raymond
32. Felted Chrysanthemum Pin by Susan Badgley
33. A lovely bunch by Rebecca Jackson
34. Dewdrop Flower Pin by Alla Koval
35. May Roses by Lucy of Attic24
36. Flowery Shawl Pin by Jennifer Dickerson
37. sakura mochi by Trish Young
38. Pocket Rocket Badge by Emma Varnam
39. Giant Corsage by Jane Crowfoot

40. Crocheted Violets Pin by Maggie Petsch Chasalow
41. Calla Lily Pin by Maggie Petsch Chasalow
42. Flower Accent by Mimi Alelis
43. Crocodile Stitch Flower by Bonita Patterns
44. Veterans Day Poppy by Sandsteel Designs
45. Ladybug by Dimitra Varela
46. Rose of Sharing – Crochet Version by Mary Jo Colwell
47. Suzetta’s Heart Pin by Suzetta Williams
48. Irish For A Day Lucky Clover Pin by Sarah Trageser
49. Tunisian flower brooch by Crochet- atelier
50. Tropical Flower Pin by Mimi Alelis

Brooches and pins can be used for so many projects – not just as brooches and pins!

For example – use one as an embellishment for a hat!

What makes this idea great is you can unpin it and use a different brooch another day! Probably not the best idea for babies and children but adult hats can always use a little pretty too!

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