50 Free Crochet Potholder and Trivet Patterns

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This week’s Free Crochet Pattern Friday category is Crochet Potholders and Trivets

These potholders (pot holders), trivets and hot pads make great gifts!  Not only are they quick projects to crochet, they are pretty and functional too! Try one to learn a new stitch and use up some of your yarn stash in the process.

50 free crochet patterns for potholders. These potholders ( pot holders ), trivets and hot pads make great gifts!  Not only are they quick projects to crochet, they are pretty and functional too! Try one to learn a new stitch and use up some of your yarn stash in the process.

50 Free Crochet Potholders, Trivets and Hot Pads

  1. Old Fashioned Potholders – Cathy Irish
  2. Rose Ripple Potholder – Claudia Lowman
  3. Pot Holders – Kara Gunza
  4. Four Square Potholder – Doni Speigle
  5. Coffee Cup Hot Pad Crochet Pattern – Posh Pooch Designs
  6. Cherry Delicious Pot Holder – Kat Goldin
  7. Puffy Scrap Yarn Pot Holders – Corina Gray
  8. PFC26 Cotton Potholder Crochet Pattern – Patterns for Designs
  9. Vintage Crochet Climbing Trellis Hexagon Potholder – Allison Baker
  10. Presine a fiori – Mirella Lilli
  11. Pot Holders – Thick crochet mesh stitch – Meladoras Creations
  12. Blueberry Waffle Potholder – Book People Studio
  13. Wiggle It Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth Set – Tamara Kelly
  14. Simply Cheerful Trivets – Jennifer Dickerson
  15. Fish Potholder by Cindy Cave
  16. Potholder / Topflappen by Eva W.
  17. Potholders by Bea Aarebrot
  18. Beauty Rose Potholder #9466 by The Spool Cotton Company
  19. Triangle Potholder by Jessica Phillips
  20. Crochet Folded Potholder by Michelle Gibbs
  21. Log Cabin Granny Potholder by Erin Kortering
  22. Popcorn Potholder by Claire Ortega-Reyes
  23. Beginners Crochet Potholder by Sandy Marie
  24. The Best Crocheted Potholder by Heather Tucker
  25. Star Stitch Doubled Potholder by LiLu Studios
  26. Scottie Potholder by Lily Mills Company
  27. Vintage Daisy Potholder by Maggie Weldon
  28. Sunflower potholder by The Hobbyhopper
  29. Tutti Frutti Potholders by Marinke Slump
  30. Stir Me Up Potholders by MintyFresh
  31. Flower Potholders by Jennifer Martin
  32. German Potholders – Deutsche Version, DIN A4 by Katharina Sokiran (in German)
  33. Gingham or Buffalo Check Potholders by Hollymarie K
  34. Margaret’s Double Cross Stitch Potholder by Miki Wilkins
  35. Bunch of Grapes Potholder by Rhonda Guthrie
  36. Pear Potholder / Hot Pad by Rhonda Guthrie
  37. Siberian Stitch Potholder by Mark Meier
  38. Vintage Circular Potholder by 3Cman Courtney Cartwright
  39. Pansy Potholder by American Thread Company
  40. Red and White Potholder, No. S-147 by J&P Coats
  41. Woven Circles Trivet by Adaiha Covington
  42. Aunt Aggie’s Trivets by Valerie Teppo
  43. Kitchen Kolors Trivet by Doris Yocum Turner
  44. A Mother’s Day Trivet by SarahSweethearts
  45. Rays of Light Potholder Trivet Coaster by Pinar Vardar
  46.  Hot Stuff by Craft Yarn Council of America
  47. Seed Stitch Trivet by Ivory Soap
  48. Double-thick Diagonally Crocheted Potholder by Andrea Mielke
  49. Crochet Trivet #L0564 by Kim Hamlin
  50. African Flower Mandala Pot Holder by Crochet with Raymond

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Get 50 Free Crochet Potholder Patterns.

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Discover 50 free crochet patterns for practical potholders and trivets that make great gifts. Learn new stitches and use up your yarn stash while creating pretty and functional kitchen accessories.


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  1. These are so unique, never have enough of them. Thank you!<3

  2. I am so glad that I discovered your site! I am planning to do some potholders. I love numbers 4 and 10. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I have a blank wall in my kitchen. I’d love to make a few of these to make my own “wall art!” So many to try 🙂 thanks!