5 Crochet Blogging Tips YOU Need to Know About

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Today I am going to share some crochet blogging tips and links to fabulous information you may not already know – I’m hoping other bloggers are partaking in this particular ‘prompt’ from Sara’s Crochet Business Bloggers Challenge – as I would love to know more tips/tricks for blogging too!

Here are my current Top 5:

Crochet Blogging Tips

Are not just for Twitter anymore – they work on Google+ and now even on Facebook (as of June 2013) AND they are searchable!  Don’t miss out on this fabulous new opportunity to look for #freepatterns or #crochet –
If you would like to read-up on these changes here are two good links:
2.  Coding for your Blog –
Code it Pretty – offers so much for bloggers – both on Blogger and on WP.  You  may wish to visit to learn how to code your blog to add the “pinterest” function to your photos or to find out more about Disclosure Policy Rules and blogging.
3.  Blogging Edumacation
I learned about my favorite “go-to” site from Kadie Of 7 Alive all Livin’ in a Double Wide.  I would recommend a visit to Taylor’s page Pink Heels Pink Truck for anyone needing a little Blogging Edumacation!
Topics she has enlightened me on are Blogging Giveaway rules and Do You Follow, Or Do You No Follow.
4.  Copyright Of Your Finished Projects.
Copyright – is such a sensitive subject – so many of us are misinformed.
Did you know that if you crochet something from a pattern (ANY pattern) that the item you make is YOURS?
There seems to be a lot of misconception out there that Designers can copyright your finished items.  They (we) cannot.  If you make it – it is yours.
Our patterns belong to us (Designers) – your finished projects belong to you (Crocheters).
I hope that is clear –
Here is a post you can refer to about this:  Crochet Geek – so when you see a Designer request that you not sell finished items from their patterns – that is all it is – a request – I always abide by this request – but it is your choice whether you do, or not.
5.  General Copyright Laws –
Here are links to some excellent sources for copyright –



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