Free Crochet Sandals and Flip Flops Patterns

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You will find a wonderful assortment of adult, children and baby patterns in this week’s Free Crochet Sandals and Flip Flop pattern collection.

There is just something about those tiny little feet with soft little crocheted flip flops that is so adorable! I love baby feet! You need to see the adorable crochet baby flip flop patterns being modelled on those tiny toes!

Free Crochet Sandals and Flip Flop Patterns

Free Crochet Baby Flip Flop Patterns and Crochet Sandal Patterns

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40 Free Crochet Baby Flip Flop Patterns

and Crochet Sandal Patterns for Children, Adults and Babies!

1. Flower Embellished Flip Flops – Posh Pooch Designs

2. Chubby Baby Flip-Flop Sandals – Bizzy Crochet

3. Piggy Peeps – Anna Virginia

4. Pretty Baby Barefoot Sandals – String With Style

5. Heart Barefoot Sandal – 2 Crochet Hooks

6. Triangle Granny Bare Foot Sandals – bobwilson123

7. Baby Button Gladiator Sandals – Whistle & Ivy

8. Baby Strap Flip-Flops – Whistle & Ivy

9. Simple Sandals – Mamma That Makes

10. Crochet Baby Sandals – I’m Topsy Turvy

11. Any Size Summer Sandals – Chocolate Mints in a Jar

12. Peek-a-boo toes baby sandals – Christal’s Crochet

13. Crochet Embellished Flip Flops by Linda Permann

14. Baby Rainbow Sandals by aisha kenza

15. Flower Power Baby Sandal by Naomi Wade

16. Comfy Baby Sandals by Jay’s Boutique

17. Beautifully simple Barefoot Sandals by Carolyne Anne

18. Barefoot Sandals by Michele Milligan

19. Goddess Barefoot Sandals by Julie King

20. Baby Sandals – Crochet Pattern by Hunerlerimiz

21. Bow Front Crochet Baby Sandals by Rhianna Lynn

22. New Waves Batefoot Sandals by B.hooked Crochet

23. Toddler Two Strap Sandals by Molly Dumbris

24. Crochet pattern, STRIPES BOY SANDALS, baby to adult by Emi Harrington

25. Crochet Sandals – no longer available by Crochet N’ Crafts

26. Baby Barefoot Strappy Sandals by Briana Olsen

27. Baby Shoes Sandals by Lanasyovillos official

28. Baby Sandals by Omrit Filtser

29. Fanfare Sandal by Lisa Romolo

30. Baby Flip Flops by Annoo Crochet

31. Crochet Baby Slipper by Melody Lagurin

32. Newborn Cross-Strap Booties by Janice A. Greb

33. Mock baby sandals by Christal Friend

34. Toe Flower Sandals by Bailee L. Wellisch

35. ♥ CROCHET RED BABY SANDAL ♥ by Melody Lagurin

36. Crocheted Barefoot Sandals by Elizabeth Roggasch

37. Free Barefoot Sandals Baby and Toddler by Lorin Jean

38. Lacy Baby/Toddler Barefoot Sandals by Leanna Booth

39. Twinkle Star Bare-Foot Sandals by Britteny Landon

40. Baby Sandals 0-12 months by Boomer Beanies  pattern is still available but no longer free!

40. How to Crochet Baby Sandals FlipFlops – 0-6 months by HappyBerry on YouTube

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  1. Number 40 isn’t free. Unfortunately, the pattern is $20 which I personally think is WAY too much! Thank you for the post of the others though. Been looking for awhile for a cute sandal for my 13 month old.

  2. Hi Dania, These 40 patterns are already free 🙂 you just visit the link (click on the title of the pattern you want listed below the image) and it will take you to the free pattern post 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  3. I am determined to learn how to make these! <3 <3 <3
    Thank you very much!

  4. I love these little sandals! I have a cousin who has two little girls and I have been using these patterns to make them little shoes!

  5. Thanks for including our barefoot sandal! Love the round up and pinned 🙂