40 Fabulous and Free Crochet Animal Hat Patterns

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These 40 fabulous and free crochet animal hat patterns are perfect for fall!

You can make one of these warm crocheted hats for all the young children who are returning to school and many even included adult size hat patterns too! Find patterns for crochet fox hats, crochet bird hats, crochet bunny hats, crochet owl hats, crochet puppy hats, crochet cat hats, crochet frog hats, crochet fishbowl hats, crochet hippo hats, crochet giraffe hats and so many more animals!

40 Fabulous and Free Crochet Animal Hat Patterns

40 Fabulous and Free Crochet Animal Hat Patterns

1. Sly Fox Hat by Lisa Gutierrez – GoodKnits

2. Crochet Bunny Hat by Sarah Zimmerman – Repeat Crafter Me

3. Valentines Puppy Hat by Teri Heathcote – Knot Your Nana’s Crochet

4.  Not ANOTHER Sock Monkey Hat! by Oombawka Design

5.  0-3 Month Frog Hat by Corina Gray – Stitch11

6. Darla’s Bunny Hat – Multiple Sizes by Oombawka Design

7. Fishbowl Hat Pattern by Lauren Brown – Daisy Cottage Designs

8.  Newborn Frog Hat by Olivia Kent – Hopeful Honey

9. Newborn Sleeping Owl Hat by Katie Bekhazi – Katie’s Crochet Goodies & Crafts

10. Crochet Fox Hat by The Stitchin’ Mommy

11. Yellow Bird Blue Bird by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite- Cre8tion Crochet

12. Newborn Teddy Bear Hat by Olivia Kent

13. Animal Winter Wear by Joy Koestner

14. Crochet Owl Hat (Newborn-Adult) by Sarah Zimmerman

15. Woolly Owl Hat by Kat Goldin

16. Bunny baby hat and toy set by Maz Kwok

17. Cow hat and Diaper Cover by Made by Miki

18. Unpsychotic Giraffe Hat by Dragonbird Creations

19. Hippo Hat by Carolina Guzman

20. Earflap Lion Hat by Ashton Postlethwait

21. Tweetheart Hat Pattern by Micah York

22. Crochet Child Tiger Ear flap hat by Amy Lehman

23. Unfuzzy’s Fuzzy Wolf Bonnet by Unfuzzy Boutique

24. Baby Panda Outfit by Stephanie Jessica Lau

25. Free Horse Hat Pattern by The Firefly Hook

26. Too Cute Cows by Unfuzzy Boutique

27. Crochet Penguin Hat by The Stitchin’ Mommy

28. Buffalo Hat by Elaine Okupski

29. free blue monkey crochet hat pattern by jennyandteddy

30. Child Size Monkey Hat by Corina Gray

31. Dinosaur Baby Hat With Cape by Marina Hoffstrom

32. Crochet Tiger Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

33. Zabrina The Zebra ALL SIZES by Boomer Beanies  the pattern is still available but no longer free

34. Cute Panda Hat by Ashley Phelps

35. Turkey Hat by Kristin Hankins

36. Most Adorable Duck Hat Ever by Corina Gray

37. Owl Hat by Lauren Brown

38. Eden the Elephant ALL SIZES by Boomer Beanies the pattern is still available but no longer free

39. Crochet Lamb Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

40. Not ANOTHER Owl Hat! by Oombawka Design

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  1. Hi Arlene, For any of my own patterns you are always free to sell what you make – legally only the written pattern and of course my images are copyright protected. Anything you crochet – from a pattern is yours (the finished product) – copyright does not extend to finished projects (it only applies to words and images) .

    This being said…

    You may wish to double check the other Designers’ personal preferences for selling creations made using their patterns as some request that this not be done. I personally try to abide by their requests – and/or avoid using their patterns for profit. There are a lot of patterns out there from individuals who understand how copyright works – I find it is easier and safer to avoid the patterns from Designers who think copyright extends to your finished projects.

    I am grateful for any and all link-backs to my site 🙂 Thank you!

    I hope this helps!

  2. Hi Rhonda, thank you so much for the free patterns. I did not see any contingencies on the patterns. Am I permitted to make the hats to sell? I will be happy to give you credit for each hat on my website, but I need to make sure I am permitted to sell the end products.
    Thank you so much for your assistance,
    Arlene Focht
    The Rosey Posey

  3. Thank you so much for including my pattern in this roundup. Love all of these hats 🙂

  4. Thanks Sharon 🙂 I just tried both the links and the seem to be working for me which is super strange since I use Chrome too! I’m not sure if maybe they are having a lot of traffic right now and it is causing their sites to load slowly?

    Happy you like the round up 🙂

    Thanks so much,

  5. Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern. Two i cannot get the Valentines Puppy Hat by Teri Heathcote, and the Two cute cows will not open up in either my Chrome or enternet explorer. So thought maybe I should let you know. And I have never seen the Buffalo. AWESOME!!

    Thanks Hugs:)