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Mirror Image Scarves includes 8 symmetrical scarves designed using the mirror image technique. The scarves are crocheted in rows, in two parts. The first part works on one side of the starting chain and the second part works on the bottom edge of the starting chain. The finished result is a pretty mirror image scarf.

Title: Mirror Image Scarves
Author: Ruthie Marks
Publisher: Leisure Arts, Inc., 2016
ISBN: 978-1-4647-5452-4
Photographer: Jason Masters

Mirror Image Scarves Leisure Arts

Mirror Image Scarves Review

The eight designs included in Mirror Image Scarves are all listed as EASY difficulty level patterns.

The scarves are built up around the starting chain in different ways. Some are very structured and include more solid style arches, clusters and shells, while others are more lacy and include picots and chains.

Each pattern is worked back and forth in rows, in two parts. The first part is crocheted immediately after completing the starting chain row and then once it is complete, you finish off and rejoin on the opposite side of the chain row to create the mirror image of the scarf. This creates a pretty and symmetrical scarf design.

Most of the scarves were designed to be crocheted with medium weight [4] yarn. Two patterns were included using Bulky Weight Yarn [5] and one pattern was included using Super Bulky Weight [6] yarn.

The patterns included are:

  • BordersEASY – Medium Weight [4] Yarn and a 5.5 mm (I) hook. Size: 5.5 ” x 74 “
  • Maritime EASY – Medium Weight [4] Yarn and a 5 mm (H) hook. Size: 6.25 ” x 61.5 “
  • Arches – EASY – Medium Weight [4] Yarn and a 5.5 mm (I) hook. Size: 5 ” x 62.25 “
  • Filigree – EASY – Super Bulky Weight [6] Yarn and a 8 mm (L) hook. Size: 7.5 ” x 64.5 “
  • Scallops – EASY – Medium Weight [4] Yarn and a 5.5 mm (I) hook. Size: 6.5 ” x 69 “
  • Hillcrest – EASY – Bulky Weight [5] Yarn and a 9 mm (M/N) hook. Size: 6 ” x 68.5 “
  • Cascade – EASY – Medium Weight [4] Yarn and a 5 mm (H) hook. Size: 5.5 ” x 65.75 “
  • Parkway – EASY – Bulky Weight [5] Yarn and a 8 mm (L) hook. Size: 6.5 ” x 64.5 “

The instructions are written in U.S. Crochet Terminology. The special stitches you need to use are included in each individual pattern’s Stitch Guide, the Basic Crochet Stitches section at the end of the book and they are available as a Technique Video you gain access to with your book.

The fonts are clear and easy to read and each heading, sub-heading and row is indicated with a different color font. Helpful notes are included within the pattern where they are needed.

The Basic Crochet Stitches are included at the end of the book and have diagrams to illustrate how to make the stitches. The stitches included are:

Chain, Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet and Treble Crochet.

Joining techniques (eg. joining with single crochet; joining with double crochet), how to check gauge and how to locate the free loops of a chain are also explained.

The gauge information is provided to allow you to substitute yarns in a similar weight where needed. The yarns used to create the samples in the book include:

Lion Brand® Heartland®, Bernat® Softee® Chunky™, Bernat® Roving™, Caron® Simply Soft® and Red Heart® Medley™

To create the mirror image design, the scarves are worked lengthwise. This means your initial starting chain will be quite long. The medium weight yarn designs begin with a starting chain in excess of 200 chains and the bulky and super bulky weight scarves begin with a chain around 140-150 chains. It is very important that you work your chain stitches in a relaxed and consistent gauge. If they are crocheted too tightly this could cause your scarf to fold and ripple from the center as you work the outer rows.

I love the balanced look and structure of these scarves. There is an order and symmetry to each one that I find soothing. I would be happy to receive any of these as a gift and although the starting chain count may be a bit daunting at first I believe it is well worth the effort to create something so pretty and feminine.

My favorite designs are:

All 8 designs included in Mirror Image Scarves are pretty and feminine. By using the mirror image technique and working on both sides of the starting chain, the finished scarves are visually appealing and balanced. These scarves will make lovely unique gifts and accessories.

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I’d like to thank Leisure Arts, Inc. for providing me with the review copy of Mirror Image Scarves and for the giveaway copy for my readers!

All images are used with permission from Leisure Arts, Inc. For more information about Leisure Arts, Inc. visit their website, Facebook or Twitter!


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