20 Free Easy Level Crochet Patterns

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This week I would like to share with you 20 Free Easy Level Crochet Patterns. Each of these patterns includes a downloadable PDF for you to save or print! Let’s get busy! The Holiday’s are just around the corner!

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All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

If you visit a link and it has become a “for sale” pattern, please let me know so I can update it! Thank you!

Easy Level Crochet Patterns with Downloadable PDFs

20 Free Easy Level Crochet Patterns

with downloadable PDFs

Glam Grannies Scarf – Heather Lodinksy at Red Heart

Granny Neutrals Scarf – Heather Lodinsky at Red Heart

Marly’s Perfect Crew Neck Poncho – Marly Bird at Red Heart

Date Night Glamorous Shawl -Edie Eckman at Red Heart

Spiced Up Shoulder Cozy – Julie Farmer at Red Heart

Athleisure Striping Throw – Cristina Mershon at Red Heart

Striped Gift Scarf – Lorene Eppolite at Red Heart

Simone’s Open Wave Shawl – Shari White at Red Heart

Name Train  – Kj Hay at Red Heart

10 Shark Puppet Scrubby – Michele Wilcox at Red Heart

11 Stroll in Style Scarf – Laura Bain at Red Heart

12 Santa Scrubby Mitt – Michele Wilcox at Red Heart

13 Sweet Abby’s Baby Sweater – Salena Baca at Red Heart

14 Light & Lacy Shawl – Salena Baca at Red Heart

15 Two-Color Baby Booties – Salena Baca at Red Heart

16 So Soft Security Blanket – Heather Lodinsky at Red Heart

17 Colorful Striped Pullover – Cristina Mershon at Red Heart

18 Dottie Bottle Cozy – Amber Millard at Red Heart

19 Dynamite Eyeglass Case – Salena Baca at Red Heart

20 Joy of Dance Leg Warmers – Salena Baca at Red Heart

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