30 Zoomigurumi Favorites

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Zoomigurumi Favorites includes 30 amigurumi patterns from the very popular Zoomigurumi Books Series.

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Zoomigurumi Favorites Cover

Title: Zoomigurumi Favorites
Book Available from Amazon
eBook PDF Available here
Publisher: Meteoor Books
Available: April 1, 2022
ISBN: 978-949164-341-5
Current List Price: $24.95* PDF Edition

Zoomigurumi Favorites includes 30 much-loved amigurumi patterns.

30 Amigurumi Favorites

Over the past 10-years, 10 very popular Zoomigurumi books have been published. Each book in this series has included adorable amigurumi patterns that were designed by people from all-around-the-world.

The newest book, Zoomigurumi Favorites, includes crochet patterns for 30 of the most-loved characters from the Zoomigurumi series. These fan favorites are all available in a single book, for the first time ever.

The patterns are written in U.S. Crochet Terms and the instructions are easy-to-follow. The book also includes lots of photos to keep you on track.

There are even QR codes included (links are included too) for each character’s dedicated online gallery – so you can check out other people’s finished projects!

See the other Zoomigurumi books in the series here: Zoomigurumi Series

30 Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

  • Kai the Koala | Intermediate | 4 inches tall | Lemon Yarn Creations
Kai the Koala
Kai the Koala
  • Carlos the Hummingbird | Intermediate | 5 inches tall | YOUnique Crafts
  • Anti the Anteater | Advanced | 6 inches tall | Lemon Yarn Creations
  • Cedric the Crab | Easy | 6.5 inches tall | Elisa’s Crochet
  • Henry the Hippo | Intermediate | 12 inches tall | Kamlin Patterns
  • Toco the Toucan | Intermediate | 5.5 inches tall | Airali Design
Toco the Toucan
Toco the Toucan
  • Raindrop the Fox | Intermediate | 7.5 inches tall | Zipzipdreams
  • Gerty the Gecko | Intermediate | 7 inches tall | Moji-Moji Design
Gerty the Gecko
Gerty the Gecko
  • Johnny the Monkey | Easy | 6 inches tall | Pepika
  • Meyer the Mallard Duck & his babies | Advanced | 7.5 inches tall (babies 3.5 inches tall) | Little Muggles
  • Sammy the Seahorse | Intermediate | 8 inches tall | A Morning Cup of Jo Creations
Sammy the Seahorse
Sammy the Seahorse
  • Stanley the Giraffe | Easy | 10 inches tall | Little Muggles
  • Scraps the Seagull | Easy | 8 inches tall | CrochetbyKim
  • Monty the Moose | Intermediate | 6 inches tall | LittleAquaGirl
  • Hamish the Hamster | Advanced | 5 inches tall | Moji-Moji Design
  • Anna the Swan and her baby Peter | Advanced | 9.5 inches tall (baby 6.5 inches tall) | Pica Pau
  • Sammy the Seal | Intermediate | 8.5 inches tall | DIY Fluffies
  • Kirk the Frog | Intermediate | 9 inches tall | Lisa Jestes Designs
  • Leo the Lion | Intermediate | 7.5 inches tall | Amalou Designs
  • Leopoldo the Peacock | Advanced | 9.5 inches tall | Pica Pau
  • Oatly the Horse | Easy | 9.5 inches tall | CrochetbyKim
  • Caterino the Walrus | Intermediate | 5 inches tall | Airali Design
  • Angie the Anglerfish | Advanced | 4.5 inches tall | Sundot Attack
  • Perry the Otter | Easy | 8 inches long | Irene Strange
Perry the Otter
Perry the Otter
  • Wilbur the Penguin | Intermediate | 6 inches tall | Patchwork Moose
  • Mama and Baby Kangaroo | Easy | 10 inches tall (baby: 3 inches tall) | DIY Fluffies
  • Hedley the Hedgehog | Advanced | 10 inches tall | Moji-Moji Design
  • Otto the Turtle | Intermediate | 11.5 inches tall when seated | Kamlin Patterns
  • Lil Quack the Duck | Easy | 7 inches tall | Little Muggles
  • Reggie the Mouse | Intermediate | 10 inches tall | Kristi Tullus

Take a closer look at more of the projects you can make here: Zoomigurumi Favorites

This wonderful amigurumi pattern book is 176-pages in length. The book is softcover and filled with beautiful color photos.

The main patterns are worked in continuous rounds. The stitch counts are included at the end the rounds and rows inside [square parentheses].

A dedicated stitch guide is provided at the beginning of the book and it includes all the Basic Stitches and techniques you need for the projects. Diagrams are included, as well as, written explanations AND QR codes that you can scan for video tutorials.

Crochet Stitches

  • Chain (ch)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Slip Stitch (slst)
  • Half Double Crcohet (hdc)
  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • Triple Crochet (tr)
  • Increase (inc)
  • Invisible Decrease (dec)
  • Invisibly Decrease 3 Stitches at once (sc3tog)
  • Front Loops Only / Back Loops Only (FLO/BLO)
  • Magic Ring
  • Crochet Around a Foundation Chain
  • Loop Stitch
  • Surface Slip Stitch
  • Surface Single Crochet
  • French Knot
  • Jacquard
  • Invisible Color Change
  • Fastening Off

Leave me a comment to tell me which character is your favorite!
You can see more of the projects here.

My favorite characters are Perry the Otter, Sammy the Seahorse and Gerty the Gecko.

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  1. All these animals are adorable!! The chipmunk is maybe my favorite. His cheeks, oh my!!

  2. Gertie the gecko is amazing. I just finished my very first animal and was quite excited with the results…an adorable bunny with huge floppy ears. My granddaughters love it!

  3. This is exciting. I am in the process of collecting the collection of Zoomigurumi books and having a chance to win the newest collection is wonderful.

  4. This book has just too many cute animals. I want to make them all !!