Quick Crochet Projects: 30 One Hour Scarf Patterns

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Introducing the 30 One Hour Crochet Scarf Patterns Collection! If you are searching for some quick crochet projects then this post is for you! You will find 30 quick to crochet free patterns for one hour projects. These make fantastic gifts and since many use only 1 ball of yarn they may also help you use up some of your stashed yarn!

PS many of these actually take less than one hour to complete. Some even indicate 30 minutes or less! 

Have fun browsing through our collection of one hour crochet cowl patterns and scarf patterns!

All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

If you visit a link and it has become a “for sale” pattern, please let me know so I can update it! Thank you!

30 One Hour Scarf and Cowl Patterns Free Crochet Pattern Collection Oombawka Design

30 FREE One Hour Scarf Patterns

Discover the joy of crafting with our 30 One Hour Crochet Scarf Pattern Collection! An excellent solution for those in search of swift crochet projects. With 30 unique, quick to master free patterns, you can create delightful gifts or simply make use of your excess yarn. Turn your spare hour into a creative venture!

  1. Margaret Button Cowl by Fiber Flux
  2. Hurry Up Holiday Cowl by Moogly
  3. Pinot Noir Infinity Scarf by Fiber Flux
  4. One Hour Spiral Scarf by Jessie at Home
  5. One Hour Chunky Cowl by Make and Do Crew
  6. The Mentor Chunky Cowl by Posh Pooch Designs
  7. Luscious Textured Winter Cowl by Crochet Memories
  8. Coraline in Morocco One Skein Scarf by Celina Lane
  9. Spike Stitch Cowl by Kim Guzman
  10. Quick One Hour Cowl by Rescued Paw Designs
  11. Oversized Mustard Cowl by Rescued Paw Designs
  12. Chunky Rib Scarf by Stitches Be Cray
  13. Bulky Cross Stitch Cowl by Mango Tree Crafts
  14. Weave Through Scarflette by Aubrecht and Co.
  15. Easiest Ever Infinity Scarf by Lori Bennett Kramer
  16. Openwork Cowl (Crochet) by Lion Brand Yarns
  17. Under an Hour Cowl by The Icing on My Cake
  18. Half an Hour Cowl from the Caron Notebook
  19. One Hour Mobius Scarf Pattern by The Crochet Crowd
  20. One Hour Beginner Cowl by Fynes Designs
  21. One Hour Scarf by Sharon Maher
  22. Fantastic Fall Scarf by Rescued Paw Designs
  23. One Hour Crochet Cowl by Lion Brand Yarns
  24. Prettiest Frosted Plum Beginner Crochet Cowl by Mama in a Stitch
  25. Chunky Hexi Crochet Cowl In About an Hour by Kristyn Crochets (no longer available)
  26. Chunky Crochet Cowl by Crochet-A-Day
  27. Crochet Quickie! One Hour / One Skein Cowl by Crochet Verse
  28. Chunky Crochet Cowl Pattern by Just be Crafty
  29. The Jade Crochet Cowl by The Inspiration Cove (no longer available)
  30. Super Easy Crochet Cowl Scarf by Jamie Sanders
  31. Cozy and Quick Chunky Scarf by Rhondda Mol
  32. Bonny Neck Scarf by Rhondda Mol
  33. Quick 1 Skein Super Bulky Infinity Scarf by Rhondda Mol

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Unleash your inner crochet master with our 30 One Hour Crochet Scarf Patterns Collection 🧶 Fast, fun, and fabulous, create unique handmade gifts or finally use up that stashed yarn! #CrochetLife

Transform your evenings with our 30 One Hour Crochet Scarf Patterns Collection. Quick and easy projects that make great gifts or a perfect way to whittle down your yarn stash! Let’s get crocheting!


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  1. Hi Judith, I was able to find #14 but the other 2 I haven’t been able to locate. I’ve sent out an email to #25 and will add the new link if she has one somewhere – her old blog has closed currently but she does have some patterns listed on Ravelry still.

  2. Neither #14 nor #29 of the 30 free scarf patterns would open, and I am very interested, by their titles, in what they may look like.

    Thanks, Rhondda, for your shares and artistry!