Free Crochet Crown and Tiara Patterns

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These free crochet crown and tiara patterns are a perfect fit for your prince or princess! This collectin includes 30 free crochet patterns for a variety of different styles (some even have pigtails!) and yarn weights.

Free Crochet Crown and Tiara Patterns

Free Crochet Crown and Tiara Patterns

1. Baby Boy Crown – Crocheted by Susan of Soulshine Creations by Susan – Free Pattern & Video by bobwilson123

2. Baby Girl Tiara – Crocheted by Susan of Soulshine Creations by Susan – Free Pattern & Video by bobwilson123

3. Princess Crown – Corina Gray

4. Pretty Princess Crown – Olivia Kent

5. Flower Girl Crown – Debi Dearest

6. Kings Crown Infant Photo Prop – Lorene Haythorn Eppolite- Cre8tion Crochet

7. Newborn Rapunzel, Princess Hat Pattern – Katie Bekhazi

8. Princess Hat With Crown and Braids – Corina Gray

9. Newborn Princess Hat – Corina Gray

10. The Queen of Hearts Crown – Debi Dearest

11. Toddler Princess Crown – Amy Lehman

12. Crown Hat No. 689 – Fashions in Wool

13. Crochet Crown – Claire Brown

14. Newborn Crown – Carrie Piper

15. Kid’s Crown – Alli Hyer

16. crochet baby crown – Ashlee Prisbrey

17. Crochet Toddler Crown – Michele Gaylor

18. Simple Birthday Crown – Shawna Borst

19. Adult’s Royal Crown – Amy Shelton

20. Child’s Royal Crown – Amy Shelton

21. Little Crocheted Crown – Maize Hutton

22. Preemie Crown Hat – Janaya Chouinard

23. King Arthur – Crown with large jewels at the bottom – DROPS Design

24. Princess Diana – Crown with hair – DROPS Design

25. Princess or Prince Crown Accessory – The Perfect Knot – Michelle Kovach

26. Dainty Crown – Carmen Statham

27. Princess Crown – Tiara – Crochet PDF Pattern – Ira Rott

28. Fairy Princess Daisy Chain Crown – Rebecca Hill

29. Newborn Royal Crown – HappyBerry

30. Fit for a King or Queen Crown 5yrs – Adult – Jennifer Peters

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  1. So many great ideas here – I’ve already made a few for my princess-loving nieces!

  2. Hi Rhondda!
    I think that your patterns are just awesome!
    Thank you soooo much!

  3. Oh SIGH! Where were all these last year when my daughter wanted to be Belle? So many more choices here and this year she is a Pirate Fairy!

  4. I need a crochet baseball cap pattern real bad with where to put the red stitches with correct directions cause one side goes the opposite direction as the first size