30 Free Crochet Slippers Patterns for Adults

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Keep your feet warm with a pair of crocheted slippers. These 30 free crochet slippers patterns are all available in adult sizes.

I hope you can find a pattern that will fit your perfectly and keep your toes toasty warm all winter long!

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This week’s FCPF (Free Crochet Pattern Friday) Category is: Slippers for Adults

I hope you enjoy these free crochet slipper patterns!

Adult Slippers FCPF

Try one of these free crochet slipper patterns on for size!

30 Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

1. Posy Toes Crochet Slippers by Tamara Kelly

2. Chunky Crochet Slipper Pattern by Dedri Uys

3. Crochet Slippers 2 by Little things Blogged

4. Mini bow slippers by Maz Kwok

5. Women’s Slippers by Teri Heathcote

6. Mary Jane Slippers by Lisa Gutierrez

7. Soft Snuggly Slippers by Debi Dearest

8. Birchbark Slippers by Sue Perez

9. Fitted Slippers by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite- Cre8tion Crochet

10. Crochet Easy Adult Women’s Slippers – Crochet Jewel

11. Slippers by Crissy Maciel

12. Slipper Socks with Diamond Pattern by Jeanmarie DiTaranto

13. Rainbow Striped Crocheted Slippers by Haley Pierson-Cox

14. Pippy Slippers by Pip Lincolne

15. Chocolate Caramel Slippers by Stacey Lynn

16. Crochet Mary Jane Slippers by Serina Cheung

17. Granny square slippers by Soledad Z

18. Square Toed Mary Jane Slippers by Fact Woman

19. Simple Slippers by Tia Davis

20. crocheted slippers KAF Patterns by Frida Karlsson

21. Crocheted Mary-Jane slippers by Calypso Gray

22. Crocheted Men’s Seed Stitch Slippers by Sue Norrad

23. Granny Square Slippers by Purl Soho

24. Easy Norwegian House Slippers by MommyKnows

25. Crochet Slippers by zoom yummy

26. Crochet Flower Slippers by Miranda Webster

27. Women’s House Slippers by Jay’s Boutique

28. Hexagon Slippers by Elena Fedotova

29. St. Patty Slapper Crochet Slippers by Paula Daniele

30. Simple Adult Slippers by HappyBerry

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  1. Hi Henriette 🙂 The patterns for each are available at the links included in the post 🙂 Just click on the title of the one you want and you will go directly to the pattern post! Thanks, Rhondda

  2. Good morning and thank you so very much! Just writing to let you know when I try to pin these lovely slippers for later from the email, it takes me to Oversee but also your collection of 50 hooded scarves instead…