30 Free Crochet Bear Patterns

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30 Free Bear Patterns, including free teddy bear amigurumi, crochet hats, crochet bear blanket and Afghan Square Patterns.

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30 Free Crochet Bear Patterns

30 Free Crochet Bear Patterns

1. Bear Brooch by Jen Williams – The Humble Carnival Blog

2. Amigurumi Pedro the Bear by Little things Blogged

3. Tutti Frutti Bears by Janet McMahon – Yellow, Pink and Sparkly

4. FREE Little Muggles Mini Bear Pattern by Little Muggles

5. Lil’ Straw”BEAR”ries by Rachel Hoe – Little Yarn Friends

6. Tiny Crochet Bear by Sharon Ojala – Amigurumi To Go

7. Free amigurumi Amanda bear and Annie panda pattern by jennyandteddy

8. Super TED Free Amigurumi Pattern by Serah Basnet – Tales of Twisted Fibers

9. Crochet Polar Bear Hat – Repeat Crafter Me

10. Funny Face Square by Carola Wijma

11. Mini bear by Annemaries Haakblog

12. Newborn Baby Bear Hat – Oombawka Design

13. Bear Rug – Bärenteppich by Sonea Delvon

14. Bear Lovey by Kara Gunza

15. Bear Necessities Crochet Ears Clip by Jane Burns

16. Bear Bobble Chart by Kari Philpott

17. Dancing Bear Afghan Tapestry Tunesian Baby Chart by Maria Merlino

18. Amigurumi Teddy Bear Keychain by Serah Basnet

19. Friendship Bear Square by Elizabeth Ham

20. Buttercup Bear by Janet McMahon

21. Teddy Bear Granny Square by Dragana Savkov Bajic  this pattern is now available for purchase

22. Amigurumi Bear by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

23. Teddy Bear Baby Loafers by Lisa van Klaveren

24. Square Bear Square by Amelia Beebe

25. Little Bear Appliqué /Pin /Fridgie by Linda Z. O’Halloran

26. Gummy Bears Crochet Pattern by You Cute

27. Amigurumi Bear Necklace by HappyBerry

28. Sam, the Little Teddy Bear by Carolina Guzman

29. Ava Baby Polar Bear Ami’Pal Amigurumi Stuffed Bear by Mary Walker

30. Teddy Bookmark by Kerstin Batz

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  1. Thank you for letting me know Jeanne-Marie – she has made it available as a for purchase pattern now. I will add a note to the round up!! All the best, Rhondda