30 Gorgeous Afghan Block Patterns

If you love to crochet blankets with granny squares and afghan squares, these thirty free 12 inch afghan block patterns are some you will want to add to your to-do list.

Each square can be made using worsted weight yarn (and the specified hook) to create a 12″ square; or you can use DK weight yarn and a 4.00 mm hook to make them into beautiful 8″ squares.

These first 10 lovely squares are part of the Block-a-Week CAL taking place with Official CCC Group on Facebook. These lovely blocks were all crocheted by Dedri Uys (Look at What I Made) and she has provided detailed Photo Tutorials to show you how they were created (with permission from the original Designers of course!).

This week’s FCPF (Free Crochet Pattern Friday) Category is: Crochet Afghan Blocks (12″ x 12″)

I hope you enjoy these free pattern links!

30 Gorgeous Afghan Blocks Free Patterns

30 Free Gorgeous Afghan Block Crochet Patterns

For assistance making the sizes larger Dedri has also written this post: Optional Additional Rounds.

Each link below takes you directly to Dedri’s gorgeous photo tutorial for the square – within her post you will also find the link to take you to the original written patterns 🙂 Dedri’s tutorials are not the complete pattern – you will need to get the free patterns from the original Designers (links are included in her tutorial posts) and then use them with Dedri’s tutorials!

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Get these 30 free 12-inch Afghan Block Patterns

Have fun!

1. Winter Dream – April Moreland (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

2. Mandala Crochet Square – Chris Simon (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

3. Crown Jewels – Melinda Miller (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys) 

4. Addie Square – Melissa Green (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

5. Anticipation Mystery Square – Margaret MacInnis (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

6. Water Lily Crochet Square – Julie Yeager (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

7. Never Ending Love – Aurora Suominen (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

8. Embracing Variety – Aurora Suominen and Ivory Herman (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

9. Prince Protea Square – Virginia Burrow and Dedri Uys – (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

10. May Pole – Shan Sevcik (Photo & Tutorial Credit: Dedri Uys)

11. Purifying Puritans 12″ Afghan Block/Tutorial by Margaret MacInnis

12. Crocodile Stitch Afghan Block – Dahlia by Joyce Lewis

13. In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion 9″-12″ Afghan Block by Margaret MacInnis (read notes at link for coupon code)

14. Holiday Ornament Afghan Square by Julie Yeager  This pattern is now available for purchase.

15. Eight Pointed Flower by Julie Yeager This pattern is now available for purchase.

16. Veronica’s Rose by Melissa Green

17. Dragonflies Around 12″ Square by Aurora Suominen

18. PFC32 Free 12″ Granny Square Crochet Pattern by Patternsfor Designs

19. Magic Spike Mandala Square – 12″ by Tamara Kelly

20. Awareness Ribbon Square 8″ or 12″ by Carolyn VanOstran

21. Squares Squared: 12″ Block & Custom Blanket by Tamara Kelly

22. Waldo’s Puzzle by Chris Simon

23. Dream Catcher by Sherry Welch

24. Center Heart Square by Ginger Badger

25. Popin Square by Melissa Green

26. Mum’s the Word Square by April Moreland

27. Squaring the Big Circle by Kate Jenks

28. A Caterpillar Life by Jacqui Goulbourn

29. Kata by Penny Davidson

30. Miss Ineeda Clue’s Matchmaker by Donna Kay Lacey   no longer free

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  1. Hi Sharon, Thank you! I’ve updated the post. Only for block 13 there is a coupon code still listed in the notes bit on Ravelry and I tried adding it to my cart and using the coupon code and it seems to still be working. So you may be able to get that one for free still. Best, Rhondda

  2. Hi Pammie,

    You are very welcome! I’m sorry 2 of them are now no longer free – that sometimes happens 🙁 I will add a note that they are no longer free. Thank you for letting me know!

    All the best, Rhondda

  3. thank you so much for those blocks…two of them are not free…which is okay with me…I have been looking for 12″ block to make a blanket out of it…and this came…thank you so much…

  4. Hi sweetie , love your site. Is there all of the blocks together in one pdf or doc somewhere? I ask not out of laziness but expediency I have to use my phone for internet and pattern downloads.thanks in advance 🙂