30 Free Patterns for Crochet Dresses for Little Girls

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This week’s Free Crochet Pattern Friday category is Crochet Dresses for Little Girls! Welcome to Free Crochet Pattern Friday! I hope you enjoy the links!

30 free crochet patterns for dresses for little girls

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1. Kindergarten Dress – Sarah Lora – Ball Hank n’ Skein
2. Spring Flower Dress – Debi Dearest – Dearest Debi Blog
3. Child’s Puff Stitch Halter Dress – Jessie Rayot – JessieAtHome
4. Ripple Dress – Janette Williams – The Green Dragonfly
5. Ella’s Request – Toddler Dress – Corina Gray – Stitch11
6. Granny Square Crochet / Fabric Dress – Mon Petit Violon
7. Little Sweetie Dress & Headband – Kristen Stoltzfus (Red Heart Yarns) – Photo submitted by: Mary W missmew125
8. Beautiful Red Dress – Janette Williams – The Green Dragonfly
9. Little Miss Yarn Ruffles – Debi Dearest – Dearest Debi Blog

10. Coco’s Bobble Dress – Purl Soho
11. Easy Peasy Toddler Dress – Sarah Lora – Ball Hank n’ Skein
12. Little Girl Vintage Dress by Annoo Crochet
13. Sweet Little Granny Tunic Dress – Ana Figueira
14. ‘Lil Miss Daisy dress – Jane Seaman
15. Holiday Ruffles Dress – Manda Nicole- MNE Crafts

16. Granny Squares Crochet / Fabric Dress Variation – Mon Petit Four

17. Shell Dress – Kristin Baird – Kit’s Crafts
18. Sunny Day Girl’s Dress – Joyce Nordstrom
19. The yellow and blue dress – anuradha shukla
20. Bermuda Bliss Dress – Annoo Crochet

21. Little Miss Tutu – Debi Dearest – Dearest Debi Blog
22. Sweetie Pie – Marilyn Coleman
23. Mango Sundress – Darlisa Riggs – Twin Hobbies Blog
24. Pretty Sundress – Lisa Gentry
25. Girl’s Lace Pinafore – Bernat Design Studio

26. Wavy Baby Summer Jumper – Patricia Oderkirk
27. Summerdress – Lia Govers
28. 210-2 Tunic by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)
29. Sitting Pretty – Mary Jane Protus
30. Peapod Baby Sundress – Kristen Stoltzfus

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  1. Hi Kathlene, I’m happy you found some patterns in this collection of dresses that you like! All the best, Rhondda

  2. I must try no. 6 for my baby girl… thanks for so much inspiration…

  3. Always in need of Adorable dress for the babies, thank you so much!

  4. I have been looking for some dresses to crochet for my girls! Thank you!

  5. As I’m into dresses right now, this became my favourite FCPF… I loved the different possibilities and styles. 😉

  6. This was my favorite post. I made a dress from this post for my little miss.

  7. Hey Rhondda! Thanks so much for sharing my pattern for the shell dress!

  8. Oh my gosh, thanks to all for the sharing… so many pretty dresses…ty