Great Things To Do Outside Book Review

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The DK Summer Living Boutique is here and it is filled with fantastic books to keep us occupied during our holidays. You can view the full collection here:

DK Summer Boutique


The second book I selected from the boutique to review was:

Great Things to do Outside Book Review

Title: Great Things To Do Outside. 365 Awesome Outdoor Activities.
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4654-1685-8

Great Things To Do Outside.

365 Awesome Outdoor Activities.

Book Review

The next book I had the pleasure to receive to review from the DK Summer Living Boutique was Great Things to Do Outside. 365 Awesome Outdoor Activities. You can read my review of the other great book here: Bugs, Bees, and other Buzzy Creatures

Exploring the options included in the book took an entire afternoon for my children! Our copy of the book has multiple pages marked with pink sticky-notes because Darla and Andrew want to make the crafts at some point during the summer.

The pink sticky-notes help me to preplan crafts we can do together  – and to have the supplies I need on hand for those rainy days when we are ALL ready to go ‘stir-crazy’ in the house.

365 different activities are presented in this book – some are crafts, some are scavenger hunts – some exploring…there are lots of ideas to keep them busy all summer long…and even some activities they can do during the other seasons too.

Projects Darla and Andrew have chosen (so far) from the book are:

  • 073 Decorate Your Garden With Butterflies (40 minutes)
  • 074 Make Pebble Pets (25 minutes)
  • 105 Create a Pressed Flower Picture (30 minutes)
  • 167 Paint Plant Pots (1 hour)
  • 179 Draw a Treasure Map (45 minutes) ~ Andrew JUST added this one as I was writing this post!!
  • 180 Go on a Treasure Hunt (30 minutes)
  • 201 Make a Toadstool Ring (40 minutes)
  • 225 Make Flower Print Paper (15 minutes)
  • 243 Make a Flower Change Color (1 hour)
  • 247 Make a Lavender Buddy (40 minutes)
  • 275 Make Clothespin Owls (20 minutes)
  • 290 Potato Printing (30 minutes)
  • 291 Sunflower People (1 hour)
  • 292 Harvest Sunflower Seeds (20 minutes)
  • 347 Make a Windchime (40 minutes)

I love how the projects in this book include the approximate time you will need to complete the actual craft or activity. They also clearly indicate “What You Need” so you can quickly make sure you have the supplies on hand before beginning any project in the book. You will also see ‘caution’ signs for parts of the projects which need adult assistance.

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Here’s a look at some of the projects included:

31 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

89 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

266 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

277 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

293 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

325 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

353 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

357 Great Things to do Outside Book Review

So far we have only made one project from the book  – and we are currently waiting for them to grow. Our Sunflower People bases were created using brand new empty paint cans (we didn’t have any hanging around to repurpose so I actually had to go and purchase empty ones from the hardware store).

Here’s what we started and Darla and Andrew are so excited to see them grow! Every morning they run out to check to see how much taller their baby sunflowers have grown.

Sunflower People Craft

Darla wants to do a second coat of paint on her pot (right) once her sunflower starts to grow – she is a little bit of a perfectionist… We planted the rest of the sunflower seeds too and once they start to grow she is going to hand them out to her friends to put in their own gardens this summer.

If you enjoy crafting and helping your children find activities to do away from their iPads and TVs then you are going to love this book! I encourage you to grab your own copy and let your little ones take a look too – you will be surprised by how their imaginations take over and how quickly they forget about the game they were playing on their iPad as they become involved with exploring the ‘real’ world around us.

You can check out the other great books available at DK Canada here:

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You can purchase your own copy of Great things to do Outside. 365 Awesome Outdoor Activities directly from Amazon.

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  1. HAHA!!! This is a really cool & fun book. Makes me want to be. child again so I could some of this things, as a youngster! Great review and awesome photos. But, WOW, 365 things t do. Guess that eliminates the boredom syndrome!