280 Crochet Shell Patterns

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Title: 280 Crochet Shell Patterns

Author: Darla Sims

Publisher: Leisure Arts, Inc

ISBN: 9781601402066

280 Crochet Shell Patterns

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Need inspiration? This book is filled with 280-crochet shell stitch patterns! Each pattern includes a colour photograph of the finished swatch in white yarn.

Each design begins with the “chain multiple” instructions to allow you to use the pattern with any yarn and hook combination.

The special stitch instructions are included within the individual patterns so you do not need to flip back and forth to complete your chosen project.

This is especially helpful when you are using the eBook version of the publication.

The instructions are very well written and easy to follow. Import information is presented in bold print so it is easy to find quickly.

Out of all the “stitch dictionaries” I currently own, this is the one I return to time and time again – I love to flip through the pages.

There is just something about shell stitches that I seem to LOVE!

Some of my favourites in this publication are:

Little Boxes (279)

Stepping Up (272)

Ooops (265) ~not just because of the name! ~

Hopscotch (233)

Sweetness (227)

Old Fashioned (4)


You can purchase your own copy of 280 Crochet Shell Patterns from Leisure Arts, Inc in one of 2 formats: eBook ($9.99)  and Book ($24.95)

I chose the following stitch to create this free crochet pattern for you 🙂

Perfect Profile (3)

page 5

Mya’s Baby BlanketMyas Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Available in 11-sizes!

Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable

Hook: 5.50 mm (I)

Gauge: 4 sts = 1″, 2 rows = 1″

Finished Measurements: please review the chart below to create this blanket in the size of your choice!

Mya's Blanket Stitch Count @OombawkaDesign

For the colour repeat I worked, I crocheted 2 rows in each colour, carrying my yarn loosely on the one side of the blanket. I worked over the carried yarn with my border. You can alternately finish off and rejoin the colours every two rows and then sew in all the ends.

Add this project to your Ravelry Queue and Favourites!

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R1: chain (see above chart) * chain loosely or crochet the starting chain using a 6.00 mm hook*

R2: (Right Side): 4 dc in the 6th ch from the hook (Note: the 5 skipped chs count as the first dc and 2 skipped chs); *skip the next 3 chs, 4 dc in the next ch* repeat from * to * across until you reach the last 4 chs. Skip the next 3 chs and 3 dc in the last ch of the row; ch 1, turn.

R3: 1 sc in each st across

R4: ch 3 (Note: this ch-3 counts as a dc st, now and throughout – you may wish to mark this st so you remember to work into it when you return to it!), turn, 2 dc in the next st, *skip the next 3 sts, 4 dc in the next st*, repeat from * to * across to the last 2 sts of the row, skip the next st, 1 dc in the last st, ch 1, turn

R5: 1 sc in each st across (Note: remember the ch-3 from the previous row counts as a dc so remember to work 1 sc into it!!)

R6: ch 3 (Note: this ch-3 counts as a dc), turn; skip the 1st 3 sts, 4 dc in the next st, *skip the next 3 sts, 4 dc in the next st* repeat from * to * across until you reach the last 4 sts of the row, skip the next 3 sts, 3 dc in the last st, ch 1, turn

Repeat R3 – R6 until your blanket measures the length you want – please see the above chart for the examples. You can either crochet until you reach the measurement for length (minus 1.5″ for the border) or crochet until you have a total number of Rows as indicated by the Rows section of the chart.

Note: Make sure you end after completing either R3 or R5. If the total rows indicated in the chart only brings you to R2 or R4, complete the colour sequence (one more row – either R3 or R5) before switching to your border colour.

Myas Baby Blanket edging


The border adds approximately 1.5″ to the height and 1.5″ to the width of your blanket. If you crochet to a certain height (instead of counting rows) make sure you finish your repeats when you are 1.5″  from the final measurement you want to reach 🙂 I have included this in the maths of the chart above. If you are counting the repeats you will crochet until you have reached the total number of rows indicated in the chart and then add the boarder to reach your finished blanket measurement.

You will be working around the outside of the blanket now:

R1: ch 1, turn (Note: this will bring you to the Right Side of the blanket), 1 sc in each st and 1 sc  in each row end, around making 3 sc in each corner (Note: the 3 sc in each corner is in addition to the 1 sc in the row end and 1 sc in the st end)

R2: [1sc in the front loop, ch 2, 1 dc in the back loop] of each st around. Finish off and weave in ends.

My blanket required a little bit of ‘blocking’ to make it ‘square’. I put it on the floor and then placed the four corners under my kitchen chairs (weighted down with some books) and in the morning the square shape was perfect. I have to admit this is the first blanket I have ever needed to ‘block’ – but it was simple enough to do 🙂


Baby blanket free pattern


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  1. Hi Nancy, no I do not have a video for this pattern. If there is something you specifically don’t understand, let me know and I will try to assist 🙂 Best wishes, Rhondda

  2. do you have a video of this pattern? I would like to make a throw, but having problems reading the directions, have tried looking on YouTube please help, thank you

  3. Hi Ann, my patterns are all provided in US Crochet Terms 🙂 I am not 100% sure it is a multiple of 2 actually because the one size has an even number of chains required. I’m afraid I have to book packed away at the moment so I am not able to pull it out to double check for you. I think it might be a multiple of 4 + 2 from looking at R1 🙂 Hope this helps! Rhondda

  4. Good morning Rhondda – is this pattern written in US or UK terms? Also, if I wanted to work it in a different size other those listed, would I just make sure that the count was in multiples of two?

  5. This was awesome i haven’t started one uet but I am looking forward to it.

  6. Love this pattern thanks! I have a new little great niece and soon a great nephew that would love these

  7. I love shells and Mya’s baby blanket pattern is so sweet. Now I’m hoping for another friend to have a baby in the near future to make this for.

  8. Hi Melody, Thank you for pointing out this was missing! I added a note to the pattern. The initial skipped ch 5 counts as 1 dc and 2 skipped ch sts. So in row 2 you would skip the 2 ch sts and put 1 sc in the final dc of the row. You would still put the sc in each of the 4 dc in the 6th ch as well though 🙂 Hope this helps! Rhondda

  9. What am i doin wrong i did 4dcs in the6chain and then skip 3 4dc in next and so on 2row do i sc in first st then my 3row does not come out right at beginning of row 1 i put 4dc in 6ch does the 5ch i skip counts as i dc then i should only put 3more in the 6ch i know its easy and i would think my 5skipch at start would count as one (u can call me stupid )but i wanna get this u made a BEAUTIFUL BLANKET Rhonddai feel very stupid right now sorrybit i gotta get this i love it and goin yo purchase the book for dure THANK U FOR SHARING UR WORK WITH IS HOOKER LOL

  10. Oh, I agree with Teresa; they look like little hearts. The colors for that are terrific. I think red, pink & white would be ever so sweet together for a Feb. baby. I also think that red, white & green would be a lovely Christmas throw. Thanks for the free pattern and info, I look forward to trying this pattern soon.

  11. love the pattern. thank you for making it free and the colors are beautiful!

  12. Hi Tess, There seem to be a lot of different sizes crocheted as lapghans – I think I would crochet the toddler size blanket as a lapghan or at the most the Receiving blanket size as a lapghan. Hope this helps,

  13. I love the effects that shells give, just gorgeous. Thank you so much<3

  14. Love this pattern, will use it for my next baby blanket. Thanks so much for including all of the blanket measurements all in one handy post, will come in handy I’m sure!

  15. This is a pretty pattern. The shells almost look like hearts. This blanket pattern would be perfect for my grandson done in blue and white. Thank you for this pattern.

  16. Love this pattern & thank you so much for the size & chain chart 🙂

  17. This blanket is by far my favorite! I love the colors! Will be making it soon for a friend who is due any day now, it will go perfect with the zebra one I already made her =) Thank you for the free pattern.

  18. Thank you Tasha 🙂 Very kind of you and thank you for taking the time to help answer a query left on my page – I appreciate that very much!! Rhondda

  19. I have this book also. It is beautiful just like your blanket! Thank you for sharing.

  20. The printfriendly button is the fifth button from the left: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Printerfriendly

  21. Thank you Helen 🙂 My sister received it yesterday at her baby shower and she was happy with it too 🙂 Rhondda

  22. Hi Geraldine, If you select the printfriendly button (it is the little green circle with the printer icon inside) among my other social share buttons it will allow you to print or create a pdf for download. You can choose to print with or without pictures too 🙂 Rhondda

  23. Hi Annette – the blanket I made for my sister’s baby is a non-standard size – and I used almost 2-full balls of Impeccable Big – Each ball is 858 yds / 784 m – my blanket measures 44″ x 32″. Hope this helps 🙂 Rhondda

  24. Everyone is making flags; it would not take much to turn this into a beautiful flag just adding on the left side. Thanks for the idea