25 Free Crochet Patterns Perfect for Your Pets

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Last week I asked for some suggestions for Free Pattern Friday Roundups and one of the requests was for crochet projects for Pets and Pet Charities. From pet beds and blankets to pet toys and incontinence wearables – there is a little bit of everything included below. I hope you are able to find something perfect for you next Pet Crochet Project in this collection and be sure to check out my Video Pattern Round up available on my other site Free Crochet Tutorials. 10 Free Video Crochet Patterns for Pets!

All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

If you visit a link and it has become a “for sale” pattern, please let me know so I can update it! Thank you!

25 Free Crochet Patterns Perfect for Your Pets

25 Free Crochet Patterns for Your Pets - Dogs and Cats and Charity Donation Projects

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So please, if you are interested, contact me 🙂

Mitered Square Pet Blanket by Marie Segares

Pampered Paws Felted Pet Mat by Lion Brand Yarn

Catnip Mouse (crochet) by Lion Brand Yarn

Dog Belly Band by Sara Sach

Max’s Dog Harness by Sara Sach

Striped Dog Sweater by Shiri Mor at Lion Brand Yarn

Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy by Lion Brand Yarn

Reflective Yarn Dog collars by Sara Sach

Cabled Dog Sweater by Jennifer Pionk

10 Tabby Chic Cat Bed by Rebecca Langford

11 Little Kennel Blanket by Andee Graves

12 Fneko Pet Bed by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

13 Granny Square Dog Sweater by Shiri Mor at Lion Brand Yarn

14 PupPee (Girl Dog Diaper) CROCHET by Luciana Young

15 PupPee (Boy Dog Diaper) CROCHET by Luciana Young

16 Button Scarf For Dogs by Sara Sach

17 Hunter Dog by Darla Sims at Red Heart

18 Mini Hot Dog Cat Toy by Melissa’s Crochet Patterns

19 Big Ball Cat Toy by Melissa’s Crochet Patterns

20 greyhound snood by Katherine Mills

21 Frisbee Dog Toy by Sara Sach

22 Cuddle Mat by Crochet Kitten

23 Cuddle Bed by Crochet Kitten

24 Male Dog Incontinence Band by Ashlea Konecny

25 Fayette’s Poop Purse and Matching Leash by Robyn Chachula

26 Dog Coat by Bernat Design Studio


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