2021 Warmth a Winter Scarf Pattern

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The 2021 Warmth a Winter Scarf is my December Scarf of the Month Crochet Along Pattern. This is a thermal stitch winter scarf pattern.

This wonderfully warm and thick scarf is another great gender neutral project.

The scarf is crocheted using the half double crochet thermal stitch, which produces a sturdy fabric that is not stiff and the scarf still has great movement. I love how the scarf feels when I pinch it between my fingers, it has that squish factor that makes for a great cold weather wearable.

To make my Warmth a Winter Scarf, you will need Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 6 mm (J) hook. I’m including a quick video tutorial for the thermal half double crochet stitch so you can get started on this winter crochet project straight away.

Thermal Stitch Scarf (Warmth a Winter Scarf) Oombawka Design Crochet

[disclaimer] I received the yarn for this pattern from Yarnspirations.[/disclaimer]

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Warmth a Winter Scarf Pattern (Thermal Stitch Scarf)

2021 Warmth a Winter Scarf Pattern

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  • Yarn: Caron Jumbo Ombre Yarn. 340 g (12 oz) and 595 yds (544 m). 100% Acrylic. Medium Weight Yarn [4]. Machine wash and tumble dry.
  • Colors: 1 skein Faded Jeans
  • Hook: 6 mm (J) Furls Streamline Cookie. (affiliate link)
  • Finished Project Yardage: Thermal Stitch Scarf: 248 g (8.7 oz) and 434 yds (397 m).
  • Scissors, Yarn Needle, Stitch Marker

Difficulty Level


Finished Size

Thermal Stitch Scarf width approximately 6.5 inches X 60 inches length


Approximately 7 rows thdc per 4 inches and 12 thdc per 4 inches

You can substitute any yarn and hook for this stitch pattern – just remember when you substitute if your gauge is different, the finished size, and amount of yarn used for your project will also be different.


US Terminology used

Our Crochet Translation Project offers translations in many languages.
Check out the Basic Crochet Terms in 10 languages here.

BL – back loop

ch – chain

g – grams

hdc – half double crochet

m – meters

oz – ounces

R – row

rem – remaining

sk – skip

sl st – slip stitch

st/sts – stitch/stitches

thdc – thermal half double crochet stitch (*see special stitches)

tslst – thermal slip stitch (*see special stitches)

yds – yards

* to **– Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain multiple instructions.

[] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

() – important notes AND sets of stitches to be worked within one stitch, or space

Special Stitches

Thermal stitches are worked the same as regular stitches, except for which loops of the stitches we work beneath. You will be working under the back loop of the stitch in the current row and the remaining front loop of the stitch from the previous row, simultaneously. This creates a double thick fabric.

Work under these loops Oombawka Design Crochet Thermal Stitch

Thermal Half Double Crochet Stitch (thdc)

Yarn over your hook and insert your hook under the back loop of the next stitch and under the remaining front loop of the stitch directly beneath it, in the previous row, yarn over and pull up a loop (you have 3 loops on your hook). Yarn over and pull through the remaining 3 loops to complete the stitch.

Thermal Slip Stitch (tslst)

Insert your hook under the back loop of the next stitch and under the remaining front loop of the stitch directly beneath it, yarn over and pull up a loop and pull that loop through the loop on your hook to complete the stitch.

Helpful Tutorials

If you are new to crochet, you can always refer to my How to Crochet Guide and Crochet Stitches and Symbols for more information. For my crochet video tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

Stitch Anatomy

Invisible Join

Quick Stitch Guide

Slip Knot and Starting Chain


  • Multiple of 1 (plus 2 for the turning chain) (Understanding Stitch Multiples)
  • When I work into the foundation chain, I prefer working into the back bar (back bump) of the chain. You can work under the back loop only if you prefer.
  • The turning ch-2 does not count as a stitch and we do not work into it.
  • You may customize the length of this thermal stitch scarf by working the repeat as many, or as few times as you wish.
Thermal Stitch Scarf (Warmth a Winter Scarf) Oombawka Design Crochet

2021 Warmth a Winter Scarf Pattern

This project is crocheted back-and-forth in rows.

Using your 6 mm (J) hook (or size required for gauge):

R1: Ch 22, sk the first 2 chs, 1 hdc in each ch across, ch 2, turn.  [19 hdc]

R2-R183: 1 thdc in each st across, ch 2, turn. [19 thdc]

R184: 1 tslst in each st across. [19 tslst]

Finishing Instructions:

Finish off and weave in all ends.

Add a fringe to your project if you wish.

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Warmth a Winter Scarf (HDC Thermal Stitch) Pattern ODC

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