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Lovely comments

  1. Rhondda says

    Hi Margie, thank you ♥ I love that you give the Angels to others and spread the love around to those who need it the most. Thank you for your lovely comment and your kindness. xo Rhondda

  2. Margie says

    Thank you Rhondda! Got the PDF downloaded. And I want to say thank you for always being so kind and quick when you respond to comments. I know you have a family (which I enjoy seeing pictures of occasionally!) and that you do this for us all freely. I appreciate YOU! By the way, I took one of your angels to a friend, not knowing her sister in law was in her final days of Life from cancer, and that simple little angel just touched her heart so deeply. So I try and keep an angel ready to fly now….since we never know when someone may need one. 🙂

  3. Rhondda says

    Hi Margie, PrintFriendly fixed the issue 🙂 So you can now download and print it for free! Or save a PDF copy. I will be adding pdfs later this year but I haven’t had a chance to do so yet! LOL it probably isn’t your glasses ! The internet is a very busy and noisy place – it is hard to keep on top of everything on here! Have a great weekend 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  4. Margie says

    Since it still isn’t working, I would like to buy the pdf of it. Will you be adding it soon to your store? I just got the Charity Angel I didn’t realize I’d missed! I better clean my glasses. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Rhondda says

    I’m so happy you like the pattern and are able to give the Angels to those who will appreciate them. xo Rhondda

  6. Maj-Britt Petersen says

    I love to make You Angels an give them to gift to frends in trobbel Tank so mutch

  7. Rhondda says

    Hi Donna, I cannot figure out why PrintFriendly is not working on just this one post on my entire website. I’ve been trying to figure it out for the last 3 days – I’ve even published the post again in a new post and it still only prints out or saves a PDF of the Halo section of the pattern. I’ve sent an email to PrintFriendly and I am awaiting their response. The only option I currently can think of is to highlight the text and copy and paste it into a word document. I’m sorry for the trouble!! Rhondda

  8. Donna M Christopher says

    Hi, I love your angels and I used the printer button at the top of the page, and I got was the pictures. I can’t print right this minute I am out of paper, I used the pdf button after I hit the printer button and was saving it and tried to look at it, and I have no actual instructions except for the halo. I have your page saved in my favorites. Could you let me know what the issue is.

  9. Rhondda says

    Hi Margie, I’m trying to figure out why the one post is not displaying properly – it seems like all the other posts are working so it is something in this single post that is blocking it. Fingers crossed I have a solution soon! I’m trying to check the code on the page to see if something is causing a problem but it might take me a bit more time (as I am not that great with the coding part!). I apologize for this! Rhondda

  10. margieelisabeth says

    Good morning! I tried the print button and my own print friendly button and nothing but alot of arrows, circles, symbols appears on the page. I don’t think it’s me, but perhaps something on the pages code? When you have time, could you see if it works for you. I love your angels, have made several of them and I want to save the pattern but this has me stumped. Thank you. If you don’t have time to check I will understand.

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