2017 NatCroMo Blog Tour – Happy National Crochet Month!

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Happy National Crochet Month!

Glamping Tour Stop Oombawka Design

Thank you for stopping by for a visit during the 5th Annual NatCroMo Blog Tour!

For the past 5 years, Crochetville has hosted a month long NatCroMo Blog Tour. Each year they arrange a fun schedule of events including stops at different Crochet Designer Blogs, Coupons, Free Patterns, Product Reviews and Giveaways. The tour introduces you to a number of new crochet sources online you may never have had the chance to visit before – who knows you may even find your new favorite Crochet Blogger on this year’s tour! There are more than 80 Designers participating! You can find the schedule of events HERE and if you love to play on Facebook you can join the Facebook Group to participate in even more events online HERE.

National Crochet Month 2017

This year’s theme for the Blog Tour is Glamping.

Glamping NatCroMo 2017

Glamping = Glamorous Camping

Before I went online to research what Glamping was, I’d have told you Glamping was ‘camping’ where you had access to showers and toilets and electricity – I mean to me that is glamorous! Camping for me is tents, backpacks, fires, roasting marshmallows, hiking, swimming and nature.

Glamping is so much more than I expected…here are some amazing glamping pics I found on Instagram (I love the embed feature on Instagram!):


For more fantastic sources check out this site: Glamping and this one is for Glamping in the British Isles – England and if you scroll to the bottom they have links for Ireland, Wales, Scotland, etc.

Next I went searching for Glamping Accessories…and the items available are extraordinary. There are tables and hammocks and chandeliers… This one site Boutique Camping has a little bit of EVERYTHING and I’m in love with their use of color and fun accessories! They even have crocheted blankets!

I fell in love with their embroidered cushions


and Indian Rag Rugs...


I had to remind myself I was NOT shopping I was looking for inspiration…and I realized there were a lot of different levels to Glamping – there were the high-end Glamping Locations and then there were the Glampers who just wanted to add a little bit of extra ‘pretty’ and ‘fun’ to their camping experiences. I had a few ideas now for what I would crochet for you along the theme – banners and pennants, a pretty tent zipper pull, I considered a mandala wall hanging, pretty potholders and even a dream catcher…I finally decided on a Deluxe Beauty Sleep Mask – because what is more glamorous than being able to nap during the day? Plus I tend to be a bit practical in my application of crochet – I want to be able to use my finished items 😉 So without further ado – here is a free crochet pattern for my Beauty Sleep Mask. Please visit this post for the full written pattern: Deluxe Beauty Sleep Mask





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  1. Hi Marie, If you are working on one of my hat patterns and it indicates 1 hdc in each of the next 2 stitches, 2 hdc in the next st….or something similar…it means for the first two stitches you work 1 hdc in each of them and then the next stitch you work 2 hdc into it. Then you repeat in the stitches around the hat, so: 1 hdc in the next st, 1 hdc in the next st, 2 hdc in the next st… Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Hi there..am new at crochet. Please explain row 4 on double crochet hat pattern for adult small when it says 1 hdc in each of the next 2 stitches…..I can’t figure it out. Help!

  3. Thanks so much, Rhondda, for celebrating NatCroMo 2017 so generously! I also appreciate the gentle reminder that taking the time to make something beautiful to help oneself/someone relax is as worthy and luxurious as a nap itself!