20 Free Patterns for Sweet Treats!

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Welcome Back! I have 20 free Crochet Patterns for Sweet Treats, for you to choose from this week! These will be great for those who want to have “play-food” for their children and grandchildren AND many of these have other purposes too – like dishcloths and even adorable little girl’s purses and gift bags. Sweet Treats come in many shapes and sizes, so have fun!

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All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

If you visit a link and it has become a “for sale” pattern, please let me know so I can update it! Thank you!

20 Free Patterns for Sweet Treats!

20 Free Patterns for Sweet Treats - Oombawka Design Crochet

Remember 🙂 To be featured in the photo collage I need your permission to share your photos!
So please, if you are interested, contact me 🙂

Crochet Ice-cream Cone / Cupcake Purse by Dedri Uys

Ice Cream Cone Scrubby by Marly Bird at Red Heart

Cupcake Pincushion Mason Jar Topper by ChiWei Ranck

Donuts by Tanya Eberhardt

Cupcake Toddler Purse by Tamara Kelly

Mini Ice Cream by CreativeCrochetWorkshop

Cupcake Birthday Hat by Sara Sach

Cupcake Keychain by Sarah Zimmerman

Cupcake Celebration Granny Square by Jenny Thomas

10 Cupcake Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

11 Cupcake Baby Blanket by Tamara Kelly

12 Mini Cake Gift Box by CreativeCrochetWorkshop

13  Ice Cream and Multi-Flavored Ice Cream by Normalynn Hood

14 Ice Cream Pint Cozies by Erin Sharp

15 Rainbow Sherbet Throw Pillow by Twinkie Chan

16 Chrissy Cupcake Ring by Divine Debris

17 Speckled Cupcake Hat by Chaos And Chop Suey

18 Swirly cupcake hairclip by Twinkie Chan

19 Cupcakes Holiday Cards by Kristen Stoltzfus at Red Heart

20 Cupcake Coasters by Louis Mensinger

If you have a crochet theme you would like me to consider for Free Crochet Pattern Friday, please let me know!


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  1. Thanks Tawnya 🙂 I’m happy you like the round ups – I actually really enjoy making them each week too! Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  2. I love your pattern roundups Rhondda! Thank you for putting them together.