20 Free Crochet Snowman Patterns

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Living in Southern Ontario, Canada we are fortunate to always have at least one batch of packing snow every winter season. Those days with the snow that can be built into a friendly snowman, or a fort are the winter days we (my children) most look forward to at our house.

For those of you who do not get to experience this beautiful (freezing cold and wet please don’t make me go out there) weather, here are some cute (not wet and cold) free crochet snowman patterns you can make indoors!

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20 Free Snowmen Crochet Patterns

20 Free Patterns for Crochet Snowmen!

1. Snowmen: Basic Snowman by Carolyn Christmas

2. Crochet Snowman Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

3. Snowman Wall Hanging by Janaya Chouinard

4. Snowman Granny Square by Erangi Udeshika

5. Snowman Apron by Alessandra Hayden

6. Itty Bitty Snowman Ornament by Heidi Yates

7. Snowman Coaster – Mug Coaster by Sara Sach

8. Snowman Cup Cozy by Yarn Artists

9. Amigurumi Santa & Snowman by Tanya Eberhardt

10. Christmas Ornaments by Vanja Grundmann

11. Snowman Afghan by Mom’s Love of Crochet

12. Snowman and Melting Snowman by Mad Crochet Scientist

13. George The Snowman by Myshelle Cole

14. Snowman Christmas Bunting by Wendy Poole

15. Snowman Dishcloth by Lily / Sugar’n Cream

16. Snowman Toilet Roll Cover by Selena Wallace

17. Snowman Scrubby by Michele Wilcox

18. Crocheting Snowman by Nancy Anderson

19. Brr Snowman Hot Pad by Aurora Suominen

20. Frozen’s Olaf Amigurumi Doll by ChiWei Ranck

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  1. I absolutely love your patterns – and love the occasional give away just as much 🙂