20 Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

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Keep those toes warm and cozy with a pair of crocheted slippers! This free pattern roundup includes links to 20 free crochet slipper patterns (plus a bonus pattern !). I have tried to include many different styles and sizes in this collection. Slippers for adults, children and babies.

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20 Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

20 Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

1  Non-Stop Slippers by Pia Thadani

2. Velvety Soft Slippers by Maria Bittner

3. Super Easy and Quick Slippers by Sara Sach

4. Loopy Love Children’s Slippers by Tamara Kelly

5. Granny Stitch Slippers Crochet Tutorial by bobwilson123

6. Adult Chunky Slippers by Crochet by Jennifer (image by Emily Truman)

7. Cloud 9 Slippers by Dorianna Rivelli

8. Toddler Slippers by Lisa Gutierrez

9. Stashbuster Slippers by Myshelle Cole

10. Holland’s Princess Slippers by Lisa van Klaveren

11. Crochet Slippers & a mini heart by Tanya Eberhardt

12. Cow Slippers by Red Heart Design Team

13. Pudgy Piggy Slippers by Red Heart Design Team

14. Piggy Crochet Baby Booties by Croby Patterns

15. Duckling Baby Booties by Olivia Kent

16. Slipper Boots by Erika Knight

17. Fireside Slippers by Rohn Strong

18. Granny Birdie Slippers by CreativeCrochetWorkshop

19. Easy Asian Baby Shoe, Bootie, Slipper Pattern for Baby Shower or Favors by Courtney Lee

20. Simple Adult Slippers by Laura Eccleston

BONUS Pattern

…and as a special bonus pattern – I recently reviewed Cold Weather Crochet by Marly Bird and the Publisher provided permission for me to share one of the patterns in the book, in full, as an excerpt in my review! Pop over to this review post and you will find the Thrummed Slippers pattern!

Approved Excerpt Image: Thrummed Slippers Image 1

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