20 Free Crochet Reindeer Patterns

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To celebrate reindeer being one of my favorite holiday traditions – this roundup includes 20 free crochet reindeer patterns.

I remember sitting down every Christmas with my mug of hot cocoa, patiently waiting for one of my favorite Christmas Movies to come on the television. Back before we had access to digital tv, online video streaming and DVDs, it was part of the magic of Christmas – only being able to watch those movies during the Holiday Season.

One the Holiday movies I loved to watch each year has also become one of my children’s favorites too  – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.  

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Roundup 20 Free Patterns for Crochet Reindeer
20 Free Crochet Reindeer Patterns

20 Free Crochet Reindeer Patterns!

1. Forest Stories I – (Rein)deer by Sonea Delvon

2. Forest Stories II – Fawn by Sonea Delvon

3. Amigurumi Rudolph Christmas Pattern by Tanya Eberhardt

4. Fa-la-la-la Reindeer Bottle Top by Nancy Anderson at Red Heart

5. Reindeer Wall Plaque by Michele Wilcox

6. Reindeer Hat Crochet Tutorial by bobwilson123

7. Murray the reindeer by Dawn Toussaint

8. Rudy, The Reindeer by Serah Basnet

9. Rudolph the Reindeer Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

10. Amigurumi Reindeer by Lion Brand Yarn

11. Reindeer Dishcloth by Lily / Sugar’n Cream

12. Reindeer Mittens by Lion Brand Yarn

13. Reindeer doll amigurumi by MaryJ Handmade

14. Red-Nosed Reindeer Hat by CrochetCauldron

15. Ronald the Fat Little Reindeer by Anna Beckett

16. Silly Reindeer Hat by Busting Stitches

17. Amigurumi christmas reindeer by Liz Ward

18. Crochet Reindeer Hotpad/Potholder by Helen Brady

19. Reindeer Antler Hair Clips by Courtney Brock

20. Reindeer Stocking by Bernat Design Studio

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