20 Free Patterns for Crochet Leg Warmers

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Keep those legs warm!

When I was a child I remember the teenagers wearing legwarmers  and I always thought it was so ‘cool’ – I honestly don’t remember exactly when it started but I think it was after the Flashdance movie came out – or maybe because of the TV show Fame? They were pretty popular for a while and then they seemed to vanish…

I’m not sure how popular they are now but I have been thinking about making a pair for Darla because she is super tiny still (36 pounds and 6 years old) and the pants she loves to wear are those very thin stretch pants – probably because the waist size fits the best out of all the pants we have tried.

This morning it was a chilly 8 degrees (C) out there and she was fully covered but her legs were freezing! It is not snowpant weather here yet but perhaps a pair of leg warmers would do the trick – I really do not want her to be stuck wearing two layers of pants, or pants over tights all day at school – she would be very uncomfortable. At least with legwarmers she could take them off after recess – just like a pair of mittens…

So…you can expect a pattern for legwarmers in your future…but until then here are 20 free patterns for you to choose from to make leg warmers for your friends and family! Don’t forget to make a pair for yourself too!

Have a fantastic week!! Rhondda

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20 Free Crochet Patterns for Leg Warmers | Free Crochet Pattern Friday at oombawkadesigncrochet.com

20 Free Patterns for Crochet Leg Warmers!

1. Leg Warmers and Matching Hat by Sara Sach

2. Leg Warmers by Marinke Slump

3. Beginner Crochet Leg Warmers by B.hooked Crochet

4. 6-12 month Leg Warmers by Corina Gray

5. Bobble Leg Warmers by Corina Gray

6. Ribbed V-Stitch Leg Warmers by Manda Nicole

7. Candy Cane Leg Warmers by Olivia Kent

8. Baby Picot Leg warmers by Rhelena’s Crochet Patterns

9. Sweetheart Leg Warmers by MA Santos

10. Baby Legwarmers by Danyel Pink

11. Leg Warmers (Child) by Lion Brand Yarn

12. Striped Baby Leg Warmers by By Hook or By Crook

13. Leg Warmers #5222 Crochet (Archive) by Bernat Design Studio

14. Maggie Leg Warmers by Jen Atchison

15. Scallop Crochet Leg Warmers by Lion Brand Yarn

16. Cozy Crawlers Leg Warmers by Linda Permann

17. Heart Stitch Leg Warmers by Chelsie Brady

18. Toddler Leg Warmers by Kristin Schmidt

19. Long Boot Warmers by Alessandra Hayden

20. Cluster and Stripe Legwarmers by Sara Freisberg

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  1. It’s great to be back with oombawa design. I look forward to getting back to crocheting and cross-stitching. All of my cross-stitch patterns, books, thread, and the linen material were inadvertently put in storage last December. I have been unable to get the person who took my stuff to return all of these things and it would impossible to replace.