20 Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

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If you’re new to crochet, dishcloths are a great place to start! In this post, we’ve compiled 20 easy and simple crochet dishcloth patterns that are perfect for newer crocheters.

Crochet Dishcloths make great alternatives to the store-bought variety. They are much better for the environment and you can wash and reuse them many times. You can also customize your dishcloth project by using different yarn colors, types of yarn and even make different sizes by changing the hook size that you use. With just a little bit of yarn needed to make each cloth they are also an affordable option!

Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns Crochet Dishcloths make great alternatives to the store-bought variety! They are perfect because you can customize them to any size

All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

25 Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

  1. Wishy Washies by Kim Guzman
  2. Happy Autumn Leaves by Tamara Kelly
  3. Citrus Morning Washcloth Set by ag handmades
  4. Cable Stitch Dishcloths by Dedri Uys
  5. Crochet Star Stitch Dishcloth/ Baby Washcloth by Kinga Erdem
  6. Easy Textured Washcloths by The Stitchin’ Mommy
  7. Simple and Practical Dish Cloth by Corina Gray
  8. Washcloth with Pocket by Posh Pooch Designs
  9. Pinwheel in the Third  by KatiDCreations
  10. Retro Bloom Scrubbie by Simply Collectible
  11. Tea Towel & Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern by Patternsfor Designs
  12.  Seeing Squares Dishcloth by Kara Gunza
  13. Kitchen Lovelies by Fiber Flux / Jennifer Dickerson
  14. Spring Granny Dishcloth by Tia Davis
  15. Easy-Peasy Dishcloth by DearestDebi by Debi Dearest
  16. Crossed Stitch Dishcloth by Carolyn Christmas
  17. Pretty n Easy Dish Cloth by Heidi Yates
  18. Simply Pampered Round Washcloth by The Hooked Haberdasher
  19. Scottie Plaid Dishcloth by Erangi Udeshika
  20. Flower Dishcloth Scrubby by Marly Bird

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