20 Free Crochet Mitten Patterns

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Mittens make great handmade gifts and also are always needed for donations for the cold months! Whether you need a free crochet mitten pattern to make for yourself, a friend or a local charity, this collection of free patterns for mittens includes a great selection of sizes and styles to get your started.

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UPDATED! There are more than 50 different mitten patterns linked all in this one post!

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20 Free Patterns for Crochet Mittens

20 Free Mitten Patterns

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1.  Star Mittens by Kati Donahue

2. Sleigh Ride Mittens by Fiber Flux / Jennifer Dickerson

3. Hello Gnome Mittens by Tamara Kelly

4. Shelby Mitts and Gloves by Sincerely Pam

5. Wonderland Mittens by Janaya Chouinard

6. Daddy’s Simply Easy Mittens by Oombawka Design

7. Crochet Toddler Mittens Ceyla by Kinga Erdem

8. Darla’s Easy-On Mittens by Oombawka Design

9. Thumbless Baby Mitts by Cheryl Frye

10. Newborn Hat and Mittens by ag handmades

More Free Patterns for Crocheted Mittens

11. Children’s Crocheted Mittens by Sue Norrad

12. Spiral Mittens by Katie Chase

13. Crochet Mittens by JTcreations

14. Bev’s “WC Mittens” by Beverly A. Qualheim

15. Tree Hugger Mittens by Julie King

16. Shelby Shell Mittens-2015 Crochet Mitten Drive by Lisa Jelle

17. Frozen Beaches Mittens by RaeLynn Orff

18. Crochet Mitten Pattern by Hanna Daniel

19. Mrs. Murdock’s Mittens by Brenda K. B. Anderson

20. Striped Fitted Mittens by Denton Foreman

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  1. Thank you for featuring patterns. I am working on #5, the Wonderland mittens, right now. The thumbs are giving me fits (I’m trying to make fitted thumbs), but I’m really, really pleased with the overall look.

  2. Wonderful collection, one for every taste. Thanks for sharing! Pinned.