20 Free Patterns for 18″ Doll Clothes

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Crochet some pretty clothes for your Grandbabies’ favorite Dolls! These free patterns are for 18″ Doll Clothes. You will find dresses, shoes, accessories, dress-up items and even uniforms for different occupations! Have some fun with your crochet and make something your grandchildren and children will really appreciate!!

Looking for video crochet patterns for 18″ Doll Clothes? I’ve found some of those for you too! Check out my roundup post at Free Crochet Tutorials!

10 FREE Video Crochet Patterns for 18″ Doll Clothes

All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

If you visit a link and it has become a “for sale” pattern, please let me know so I can update it! Thank you!

20 Free Patterns for 18″ Doll Clothes


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Simple Doll Dress by Sara Sach

Mermaid Doll Outfit by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

18 inch doll – My Dolly Ruffle Ruana by Celina Lane

4 18 inch doll – My Dolly Surf Song 3-in-1 by American Crochet

5 18 inch doll – My Dolly Edgy Messy Bun Hat 2-in-1 by Celina Lane

6 My Doll’s Easter Frock by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

Walking the Dog for Dolls – Coat by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

8  Dollie Cowgirl Partner by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

Baking Chef Doll by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

10 Doll Overalls & Shorts by Shannon Corcoran Family Traditions Crafts

11 American Girl Doll Shoes by Amy’s Gurumis

12 American Girl Textured Buttercup Sweater by Patricia Klonoski

13 American Girl Doll Halloween Skirt and Top by Elaine Phillips

14 American Girl Doll Beach Cover-Up by Elaine Phillips

15 American Girl Doll Evening Dress with Ruffles by Elaine Phillips

16 Abby’s Dolly & Me Poncho by Maria Bittner

17 American Girl Doll Wildflower Dress with Ruffles by Elaine Phillips

18 Caring Nurse Doll to Crochet by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

19 Poncho For You And Me by Bernat Design Studio

20 Bedtime for Dolls by Lisa Gentry


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