20 Free Preemie Crochet Patterns

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In this round-up I have gathered 20 free preemie crochet patterns. These range in gestation size so please be sure to check the measurements before you begin your projects – the term preemies includes many different gestational sizes.  Also, be sure to check with your specific Charity, if you are making donation projects, for any specific sizes or restrictions (like ties, buttons, embellishments or even yarn/fiber type) they may have in place.

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Crochet For Preemies Round Up oombawkadesigncrochet.com

20 Free Preemie Crochet Patterns

1.  Preemie Hats (Crochet) by Red Heart Design Team

2. Preemie/Newborn Bow Hat by Cream Of The Crop Crochet™

3. Aimee Baby Jacket for Preemies by Linda Solaiman

4. CrissCross Preemie Pants by Myshelle Cole

5. The Elijah Beanie by Myshelle Cole

6. Dustin Sleeper Gown – Prem by Myshelle Cole

7. Bottoms Up DC Beanie by Oombawka Design

8.  Preemie Cardi and Hat by Justcrochet Designs

9. Crochet Preemie Hat by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite- Cre8tion Crochet

10. Textured Beanie by The Stitchin’ Mommy


11. Preemie Wrap by Sandra Huffines, Bev’s Country Cottage

12. Ezra Romper by Myshelle Cole

13. CROCHET SLEEPER SACK by Debbie Cowherd

14. Soaker by Patti

15. Preemie Newborn Onesie by Marla Caneer Potter

16. Preemie Footwear by Angie Kowalsky

17. preemie dress pattern by Melbourne Sue

18. Preemie Mittens by Sandra Åhlberg

19. Preemie Ripple Poncho by Peggy Su Besco & Jessica A Esterly

20. Hexagon Granny Preemie Set by Ruth Venables

21. All In One Preemie Cardi – Linda’s Crafty Corner

Preemie Crochet Patterns - All In One Preemie Cardi - Linda's Crafty Corner

If you have a crochet theme you would like me to consider for Free Crochet Pattern Friday, please let me know!

All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.



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  1. Hi Jacqui, I went and double checked the post and the links are all clickable. I’m not sure why they weren’t working for you when you tried yesterday. Whatever the issue was, it seems to have resolved itself. Sorry for the trouble this caused. Rhondda

  2. How do you access the patterns, I see the list and each one looks like it’s linked but when I press on it like this one for example nothing happens??
    13. CROCHET SLEEPER SACK by Debbie Cowherd

  3. Hi Denise, I understand how this would be annoying. The ads on my site allow me to create content for my visitors who choose to put up with the ads and in return are able to access my content freely. It also allows me to publish my patterns for free online, instead of only offering them for sale to those who can afford to buy patterns. If you would rather not visit websites with ads, you could always visit a bookstore and buy a book of patterns. Or maybe your local public library might have a pattern book you could borrow for a few weeks. I hope you can find a suitable solution for your dilemma. Wishing you the best, Rhondda

  4. I would love to be able to go onto someone’s website and look around without having to fight these stupid obtrusive ads everywhere. It makes me not want to return to their site. Some sites are worse than others.