20 Free Crochet Patterns for Penguins

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There is something about Penguins – I think maybe it is because they are primarily black and white in coloring which makes it easy for new eyes to “see” – but babies LOVE them! at least the stuffy versions of them! My children loved high contrast images and toys when they were little! This week we have a collection of 20 free crochet patterns for our little black and white friends – penguins.

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20 Free Crochet Patterns for Penguins

20 Free Patterns For Penguins Oombawka Design Crochet

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Penguin Hat by Amy Ramnarine

Playful Penguin by Celina Lane

Stuffy The Christmas Penguin by Amy Ramnarine

Penguin Appliques by Divine Debris

Crochet Penguin Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

Penguin Ear Warmers by Cream Of The Crop Crochet™

Icicle ike by Heidi Yates

Snuggles the Penguin by Stephanie Jessica Lau

Little Penguin Ornament by Nancy Anderson at Red Heart

10 Cutest Baby Penguin by Jessica Reeves Potasz

11 Baby Penguin by Oombawka Design

12 Adult Penguin by Oombawka Design

13 Tuxedo Sam by amiguruMEI

14 Chrissie de Pinguïn by Tirza Haasnoot

15 Lighted Penguin Ornament by Tracee Fromm

16 Penguin by Suzy Wool no longer free

17 Mini Penguin Amigurumi Keychain by Amanda Michelle

18 Penguin Mittens by Amy Gaines at Lion Brand Yarn

19 Ping, the Penguin by PJ Crafts in Austin

20 Baby Penguin Amigurumi by jennyandteddy

See you next week!


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One Comment

  1. I love penguins! For number 18, the penguin mittens, I couldn’t find the pattern. All I see on the Lion’s page is a list of supplies. And I have to say, I hate their new website, it’s so hard to find patterns now.