20 Free Crochet Patterns for Doll Clothes

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20 Free Crochet Patterns for Doll Clothes

20 Free Patterns for Doll Clothes

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Bedtime for Dolls by Lisa Gentry at Red Heart

Party Time Doll Outfit by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

Retro Doll Accessories by Tammy Hildebrand at Red Heart

Walking the Dog for Dolls by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

Diapers for Doll Babies by Corina Gray

Abby’s Dolly & Me Poncho by Maria Bittner

7  Simple Doll Dress by Sara Sach

8  Baby Doll Summer Dress Blue & Beige by CreativeCrochetWorkshop

Summertime Frills by Rebecca J. Venton at Red Heart

10 Baby Doll Beach Theme Set by CreativeCrochetWorkshop

11 Diapers for Doll Babies by Corina Gray

Looking for an outfit for one of your child's favorite dolls? Here are 20 free patterns to choose from! Click to Tweet

12 American Girl Patterned Tank Top by Kimberly Saunders

13 Clothes Set for Little Me Playset by Carolina Guzman

14 American Girl Doll Granny Square Poncho by Elaine Phillips

15 AG Western Set by Carol Ballard

16 18″ Sausalito Crochet Shell Stitch Doll Set by Gail Tanquary

17 American Girl Doll Seashell Summer Dress by Elaine Phillips

18 American Girl Doll Real Easy V-Stitch Skirt by Elaine Phillips

19 B’s 18″ Doll Ballerina Dress by Crafting ForChrist Designs

20 Adélie set : Cardigan and pointy hat by Sylvie Damey

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  1. Hi I looking for a pattern for a 15inch doll t-shirt. Hopefully free. I can be reached thru my contact info below.
    Thank you so much,