Crochet Animal Rugs and Accessories

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Crochet Animal Rugs includes more than 20 patterns for adorable animal mats and matching room accessories!

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Crochet Animal Rugs Book Review

 Title: Crochet Animal Rugs
Author: Ira Rott
Publisher: David&Charles
ISBN: 9781446307007
Photographer: Jason Jenkins and Ira Rott

 Crochet Animal Rugs Book Review

If you are not familiar with Ira Rott’s crochet designs, you are in for a treat! Crochet Animal Rugs includes more than 20 patterns for animal themed rugs and accessories.

Each pattern is written out in US Crochet Terms and includes step-by-step photo tutorials, stitch charts and diagrams for placement and assembly. Crochet techniques, sewing stitches and general techniques have also been included at the end of the book. Crochet Animal Rugs is 144 pages in length.

The entire process, from start-to-finish, is included for each pattern in the book. Some common items shared between the patterns are basic eyes, bows and pillow bases (round and oval).  For these bits you refer to the section for Common Shapes on pages 127 to 133.

Each pattern has been ranked as one of the following difficulty levels: beginner, moderate and challenging.  The Common Shapes are beginner level patterns.

The patterns are crocheted using medium weight [4] yarn and various hook sizes. The projects are worked with 1, 2 and sometimes 3 strands of yarn at the same time.

The patterns have been designed around 7 different animal themes. Within in each animal theme you receive 3 different crochet patterns.

The Patterns included in Crochet Animal Rugs

Jeffery the Elephant

  • Elephant Rug (Challenging. 52 inches by 31.5 inches)
  • Elephant Pillow (Moderate. 26 inches by 17.5 inches)
  • Elephant Stool Cover (Moderate. 12 inches by 13.5 inches)

Rusty the Giraffe

Rusty the Giraffe. Crochet Animal Rugs. Sew and So. Ira Rott. Book Review by Oombawka Design Crochet
Rusty the Giraffe
  • Giraffe Rug (Challenging. 38 inches by 40 inches)
  • Giraffe Pillow (Challenging. 14 inches by 20 inches)
  • Giraffe Security Blanket (Challenging. 19.5 inches by 19.5 inches)

Sassy the Kitty Cat

Sassy the Kitty Cat Pattern. Crochet Animal Rugs. Sew and So. Ira Rott. Book Review by Oombawka Design Crochet
Sassy the Kitty Cat.
  • Kitty Rug (Challenging. 48 inches by 40 inches)
  • Kitty Pillow (Moderate. 25 inches by 15.5 inches)
  • Kitty Placemat (Moderate. 15.5 inches by 10 inches) Coaster (Moderate. 5.25 inches by 4.25 inches)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Panda

  • Panda Rug (Moderate. 42 inches by 32 inches)
  • Panda Pillow (Moderate. 17 inches by 14.5 inches)
  • Panda Toy Bag (Moderate. 18.5 inches by 35 inches)

Chip the Monkey

  • Monkey Rug (Moderate. 36 inches by 35 inches)
  • Monkey Pillow (Moderate. 17.5 inches)
  • Monkey Toy Bag (Moderate. 18.5 inches by 30.5 inches)

Cranky the Crab

  • Crab Rug (Moderate. 42 inches by 30.5 inches)
  • Crab Pillow (Moderate. 26 inches by 20 inches)
  • Crab Security Blanket (Moderate. 19.5 inches by 19.5 inches)

Top the Dinosaur

Top the Dinosaur. Crochet Animal Rugs. Sew and So. Ira Rott. Book Review by Oombawka Design Crochet
Top the Dinosaur
  • Dinosaur Rug (Moderate. 39 inches by 34.5 inches)
  • Dinosaur Pillow (Moderate. 17.5 inches)
  • Dinosaur Book Bag (Moderate. 12.75 inches by 12.75 inches)

The Useful Information section begins on page 119 and includes crochet terminology and abbreviations. The abbreviations chart is excellent, it includes the abbreviation, the symbol and the written description. Diagrams have even been included for some of the abbreviations.

Crochet Techniques have been included beginning on page 134. Images are provided to demonstrate the techniques. Sewing Stitches and General Techniques are explained next, with images and diagrams.

Crochet Techniques

  • Color Change
  • Weaving in Your Ends
  • Raw Edge Finishing
  • Bottom of Foundation Chain
  • Working with 2-3 strands
  • Flat Circles
  • Left-Handed Crochet (changes to each pattern specific to handedness)

Sewing Stitches

  • Backstitch
  • Chain Stitch
  • French Knot
  • Straight Stitch
  • Whipstitch

General Techniques

  • Blocking
  • Non-Slip Lining
  • Wall Decorations

The sample projects shown in Crochet Animal Rugs were crocheted with Red Heart Super Saver or Bernat Super Value Yarn. These are both medium weight yarns [4].

You can see more of  the projects on Amazon here.

My favorite projects are

  • Sassy the Kitty Cat
  • Tops the Dinosaur
  • Cranky the Crab

Children will love the adorable animal characters included in Crochet Animal Rugs. Whether you choose to crochet your favorite animal rug, or all three patterns in an animal themed section, these fun accessories will brighten up any room.

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I’d like to thank David&Charles and  Ira Rott for providing me with the review copy of Crochet Animal Rugs and for the giveaway copy for my readers!

All images are used with permission from SewandSo, © F&W Media International, Ltd 2018.

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