12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

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I have something very exciting to share with you!

Giveaway The 12 Days of Christmas


To get into the Holiday Spirit we have created a special Christmas Giveaway Event.


12 Bloggers, hosting 12 Giveaways, for 12 days!

  • each Blogger has organized a Giveaway on their own website for you to enter!
  • each Giveaway is open worldwide ! (where allowed by law)
  • you have 12 days to visit the websites for a chance to win 12 different prizes!
  • some giveaways offer daily free entries (like mine!) so check back daily to get extra entries!


Visit each of the Websites below to enter a different fantastic giveaway!

1. Repeat Crafter Me

2. Moogly

3. Petals to Picots

4. Cre8tion Crochet

5. Little Monkeys Crochet

6. The Stitchin’ Mommy

7. ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs

8. Pattern Paradise 

9. Fiber Flux

10. BobWilson123

11. Look At What I Made

12. Oombawka Design


Each Giveaway is different – so you have the opportunity to enter to win 12 different prizes!


I would like thank my friend Kinga from My Hobby is Crochet, for offering to share this Giveaway on her website too!


Good luck to everyone who chooses to participate!


For my giveaway I have a set of Clover Amour Steel Crochet Hooks up for grabs!

12 days of christmas


Remember you can visit daily to claim your free entry on my Giveaway Rafflecopter widget 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you are looking for some free holiday crochet patterns to work on this month, here are some of my Free Crochet Pattern Friday Round ups for you to browse through!





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  1. I would make christmas ornaments for sure! Thank you for the chance and Merry Christmas

  2. I’d like to make some sweet little dollies. Christmas holidays come step by step.

  3. I’d like to make some doilies! I’ve had lots of requests for them, but haven’t tried to make them yet!

  4. Something warm and cozy for myself 🙂 I’ve been so busy making things for others I just don’t seem to get around to it

  5. Just want to tell you that I love following you on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I love your patterns and always look forward to making them.

  6. I would love to start making some earrings with beads!! o0o0o0o0h and some beautiful doilies too!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

  7. An amigurumi of some sort! Haven’t decided on my next project yet.

  8. I would make a shawl for my Mom, who taught me to crochet many years ago.

  9. I will make something for my husband, he has wanted a sweater for a long time and I just haven’t been able to get to making one for him yet. That’s my new years resolution as well, lol

  10. I’ve got a shrug that is just waiting to be made….I’d love to try out those hooks!

  11. I will crochet away! I’m going to be teaching my niece and great-niece how to crochet so I will be able to give them some of my older hooks that I will replace with these!

  12. Thank you for the chance in the 12 days…glad my Rafflecopter is working again today. 🙂

  13. Just receive a photo of making crochet flowers thru the button holes!! These hooks would make the process a breeze!

  14. Hard to know what project I’d start with, I know these would be easier on my hands then the smaller metal hooks that I inherited from my Grandma years ago.

  15. Hats, hats, hats! I love making hats and it’s a great way to break these hooks in. ;D

  16. And I totally forgot to answer the question. I would make headband embellishments to go on my hats!

  17. If I won these I would be so happy the little cushion on them would make it so much easier&more comfortable to crochet for longer times

  18. Thank you for the giveaway…….I have lots of thing to do for my baby niece 🙂

  19. If I won I would use my new hooks to start my new afghan I’ve had planned for the last couple of weeks.

  20. These Steel Crochet Hooks will be ideal to finish my beautiful lacy tablecloth. 🙂

  21. I love crocheting beanies but I want to try my hand on any amigurumi pattern.

  22. The options are endless on what I’d make, honestly I have no idea, but I’m sure it would be PLENTY amazing 🙂

  23. The first thing I would make with these awesome hooks would probably be a lovely new sweater for my daughter…..or my husbands Doctor Who scarf. Or maybe the shawl I’ve been meaning to make for myself. Lol

  24. first thing I would make are hair pretties for my granddaughters! I’ve been oogling over these hooks since they came out!!! my steelies are well loved and used, were given to my by my 96 yr old mother in law that just passed away….but my hands are needing something larger to grip onto now. thanks for a fun giveaway & good luck to everyone!!!

  25. i will make… all of the amigurumi >;)
    (well, i’ll start with bunnies. probably. bunnies are cool.)

  26. Hi, Thanks a lot for the giveaway. I think I’m going to crochet a shawl with shell stitch and picot edge. They’re my favourite stitches. =)

  27. Oh, dear! I’m looking at these Amour hooks on Amazon every now and then, but since I’m unemployed and selling crocheted items isn’t working so well as I hoped for, I can’t afford to buy them. I really hope I’ll be lucky to win them, I would love to make some delicate doilies in pineapple pattern with the #40 crochet thread I have in my stash and the smallest hook in this set.

  28. Oh my, thanks for the opportunity to win these babies! I only heard good thinks about those hooks but have never tried them. I think the first think I would make would be another Patricia Kristoffersen doily 🙂
    Stefanie xo

  29. If I were the winner I would most likely make something for my daughter. Maybe a sweater or a blanket

  30. I would make cute snowman! I love clover hooks! They are just awesome!

  31. I would make a set of the Joyful and Bright earwarmer, cowl and fingerless mittens. Thanks so much!

  32. The first thing I’m going to make with the new hooks are a 12 point start baby blanket!!!!

  33. If I were the lucky winner, I think the first thing I would make would be snowflakes, seeing as winter is just starting.. I would love to make doilies too.

  34. Oh probably LOTS more minion plushes for all my friends and family!

  35. I am working on hats for my kids and scarves for their teachers at school.

  36. the first thing i’d make with the GORGEOUS hooks is a hello kitty scarf my mom has been asking for <3

  37. I would love to make more amigurumi , with ergonomic hooks I will be able to avoid my hands fallings asleep makings smaller items.

  38. I have so many patterns on my “to-make” list, it will be hard to choose. I will probably start with a circle vest for my daughter.

  39. I found some of your Christmas patterns and after I finish a gift I am making I think i’m going to find 1 of yours for me to do! Thank you

  40. I think I’ll finish making a set of potholders and coasters, maybe even enough for gifts!

  41. I will crochet the whole summer many may projects I have in my mind. Thanks for the opportunity. Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  42. I think I would make a hat, scarf and mitten set for my son as winter has arrived.

  43. the first thing I will make with my beautiful new hooks would be bead crochet rope jewelry set which contains bracelet and necklace for my mom.

  44. Ornaments, doilies, shawls, toys…. There’s a long list of things I’ve been wanting to make with steel hooks, but have been on hold until I can get some ergonomic ones…

  45. I would share them with my sister in law and help her crochet her wedding gifts for guests!

  46. It rarely snows where I live, so I’d probably crochet some snowflakes to hang in the window.

  47. I will use them with the Craftsy class I’ve been putting off now that I’ve finished all of the scarves I’ve made for Christmas gifts.

  48. The first thing(s) will be a hat with flowers to go with a pretty little ruffley dress I crocheted for my granddaughter. Thank you for your part in this contest!

  49. I would love to make the Starlight Summer Shawl that I saw in your free patterns.

  50. I though I knew that I would make some lovely scarves, but now with all the ideas on pinterest and your website I just don’t know, decisions, decisions . . .

  51. I would be giving these to my mother in law as a gift because she wants to learn to crochet doilies! They would be great for her since she has trouble with her hands as well.

  52. I want to crochet yarmulkes for my sons. I have steel hooks but they can be hard on the hands.

  53. Oh I am So Excited about your Giveaway. I have been Crocheting for going on two years now and have a few Hooks that was given to me. They are o.k. But I have been wanting some of these Clover Amour Hooks for a good while now. I have heard a lot of good things about them. If I was to win the first thing I would make is a Hat for my little Grand Daughters Birthday coming up in January. I have never made a hat before. Thank You so much for the chance to win!!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas

  54. I have been wanting to make something using the crocodile stitch. Sometimes it is overwhelming as to how many different patterns there are. With winter around the corner, I will have the time to check out patterns as soon as the holidays are over.

  55. Something for myself since I didn’t even get a birthday present from my hubby this year! Also, hookers are always creating for others, & so if I win I’d love to continue the spoiling & make a crocheted lace dress for ME!! 😉

  56. Thank you for this giveaway! I would LOVE to receive these crochet hooks – actually they’re on my Christmas wish list!! Merry Christmas!!

  57. I think I would pull out a nice doily pattern and go to town….it has been a while since I have done a doily!

  58. I’m currently crocheting some snowflakes, so I think these hooks would be ideal for that.

  59. OMG – what a GREAT giveaway! I’ve been lusting after this set for a long time — my sore hands could certainly make good use of these! The first thing I would make with these new hooks…? A cowl or scarf out of the alpaca yarn my kitties are getting me for Christmas! (Shhhh, it’s a secret… 😉

  60. I’m busy with Christmas items right now but once those are done I’d use my new hooks to make sailor outfits for 2 of my grandchildren!

  61. I have my eye on a mandala pattern that I want to try first.

  62. What a fab giveaway! I’m new to crochet and these hooks look so comfy.

  63. I will finish 2 blankets I started for the Central Coast Cancer Clinic. I’ve had to give up knitting because it’s too painful sowill finish them with crochet boeders.

    Then I’ll go nuts crocheting for my 10 grandbabies 4 and under) 😀

  64. the first thing i will make with my new hooks is chemotherapy caps to give away at my local hospital’s chemo wing’s patients

  65. I’ve had a new scarf design in my head. That’s what I would hook first. 🙂 And I’ve always wanted to try this type of hook!

  66. Oh wow, this prize is perfect because I really need to get better hooks and would love to try these to see if they help my hands.

  67. I would make a ear warmer/ cowl set that I’ve been wanting to make for my little girl. Thank you!

  68. All your patterns are amazing!!!!
    I couldn’t choose only a favorite, I couldn’t decide.

  69. I would make me a nice warm penguin hat. Or crochet the edging on my afghan, whichever happens first! These look so lovely, and I’m so glad I have a chance to win them!

  70. I would love to try making doilies with the new hooks. I hope I win!

  71. I am so lusting after these hooks!!! I would like to make a tablecloth for my mother. ….

  72. I have a newborn and I love making fun hats for her to wear. I will probably make her a bowlicious hay from Bob Wilson.

  73. I am just learning to crochet,so I would use them to make some begminner projects.

  74. My daughter and husband have been wanting some new Winter scarfs so I would use them to make the some of those.

  75. Thank you to the 12 bloggers for 12 days of fun! So many wonderful gifts being offered! And what crocheter wouldn’t want a Pretty new set o’ hooks!!.

  76. I think that I would start making Christmas ornaments, with the crochet hooks. My husband and I don’t have very many ornaments.

  77. Love your web page always find inspiration here.
    Gonna win the crochet hooks and crochet the baby patterns for the local charity shop.
    Fingers crossed n wishing.

  78. I never seen these types of crochet hooks would love to have even one of them . so cool. great projects as well on all the women’s pages, Thanks to all the 12 bloggers, this granny has had fun checking out every ones projects and patterns, Merry Christmas to all . Thanks so much

  79. I think I would work on crocheting pretty edges on some fabric squares to make my own hankies for the Magic Bonnets I like to make for baby showers. It’s really tough to find lacy white hankies to buy for that purpose.

  80. I love making little toys for my son and these would make that so much easier!

  81. I have a couple of friends who are soon expecting babies. I will be making some baby gifts; cocoon and bonnet; baby cardigan with booties for the two boys; sweater, bonnet and booties for the girl.

  82. A great thank you to the 12 bloggers for the 12 days of fun! God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  83. I’d create something for my home. Most of my creations either end up with other people or places.

  84. OMGGGGG. I think I’ll make a dress for my baby girl with these! Everything’s for her!

  85. I would like to try to make decorations for the Christmas tree. We haven’t had one for awhile and I would like to really have it personal, rather than commercial this year. This is a wonderful giveway by 12 wonderful bloggers. Thank you all!!

  86. Since my family is the thing I treasure most,I’d make them all nice,warm presents for the upcoming winter 🙂

  87. I want to try to make 2 infinity scarves for my nieces for Christmas. I would love to win these hooks.

  88. Oh my gosh. I have SO MANY projects on my list to do. If I have to list one, I will say a scarf that I need to make for a friend. Thank you.

  89. I’d love to start working and practicing on making more delicate things!

  90. There is a lace pattern shawl I am dying to try for a while. I might finally do it!

  91. Hi Robin – somehow Rafflecopter knows – as your address is attached to the entries – I can actually see it here for your comment too – the end of it is …….454 (at) yahoo (dot) com – I can add an entry asking for email addresses too though if you want me to 🙂 Rhondda

  92. I’d make something cute for my daughter. I’ve been drooling over some sweater patterns on ravelry for her!

  93. I would love to make a few scarves for my friends or a nice throw blanket for the living room. 🙂

  94. I would make some gifts for family & friends with those new hooks!!! Love your designs.

  95. I always wanted to make some (lace) earrings. Perfect chance to try it!

  96. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog full of such fantastic crochet ideas!

  97. I really could use some new hooks. Mine are all hand me downs. Thanks you the give away.

  98. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway for these nice, colorful crochet hooks!

  99. Your basic dc and hdc beanie are always my way to go hat, thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I would make lace Christmas ornaments and also use them to make antique doll clothes.

  101. I´d make a lot of earrings and precisions things on crochet, because my hooks aren´t so good.
    thank´s offer us the possibility to earn this amazing price
    Merry Christmas at all the people who read this


  102. I would make a crochet bead necklace that my youngest daughter can play with/use for teething.

  103. I would like to make a cowl/shrug for a sorority sister of mine.

  104. I might make a few cute little snowflakes for a winter themed necklace! Love the colors on the hooks and the larger handles. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. i would make a baby blanket or afghan. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  106. The first thing I will make will be a pretty scarf or wrap.

  107. I would make some bracelets with these hooks as well as some crochet thread and beads I’ve amassed for such a thing! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  108. Petals to Picots is having Database issues. no matter which blog I click from. Just thought i’d mention it in case someone wanted to let her know.

  109. I will make a single crochet hat from your free pattern! 😀

  110. I’ll probably get right into another baby blanket. I’ve been eyeing a few new designs to try.

  111. I would make lots of amigurumis! 😀
    Sorry for the bad english, i’m from Argentina ;D

  112. Thank your for the giveaway! I would make some thread coasters with those lovely hooks. 🙂

  113. First off, will make some new Dishrags!! lol My next project will be to start baby blankets, for new Granbaby due this spring! 🙂

  114. I have some preemie hats for the NICU challenge that would be easier with these great hooks! Also the slippers I am working on might not make my hand cramp! 😉

  115. I would hold them in my hand and thank the lord above for blessing me and then I would love to make a crocheted polar bear… 🙂

  116. I would give them to a friend who does not have steel hooks since I have a set. It would be nice to make someone’s day!

  117. I would make angels. My husband just bought me a set of the bigger hooks and these would be great for the finer pieces. I don’t have anything smaller than a B hook. Thank you so much for the giveaway and all the fabulous stuff you post for us.

  118. would love to make a vest or a light jacket for myself with these uber yummy crochet hooks! Thanks!

  119. My 2month old is growing out of her hat….time to make a new hat with new hooks 🙂

  120. Hiya!!! Not sure, but those are so nice. I’m busy working on a blanket for my grandson right now. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam
    playamom57 at yahoo dot com

  121. A hat for myself. As long as I’ve been crocheting I’ve never made myself a hat.

  122. There are so many project on my head right now. For all my life I have only one hook. So if I win this one this will be off with my bucketlist! for real! This is a dream come true. I am making hats and sling bags right now. Also I am making decor for my xmas tree. Thank you so much.

  123. Something usable. Blanket, scarves, hats, ear warmers, or fingerless mitts.

  124. I am crocheting hats and scarves to sell as a fundraiser to help our daughter travel to Africa on a medical relief trip in May 2015, so I would be grateful for some comfy hooks as I speed through my yarn stash making things to sell.

  125. I am loving your patterns! I think my grandmother would have, also. She is the one who shared her love of crocheting with me and taught me when I was 11. 🙂

  126. I’ve got a sweater just waiting to be started with a lovely set of hooks like this!

  127. Not sure what I will make, but I really really want those hooks. 🙂

  128. I have soooo many patterns I want to make! I’d probably make a skirt for my daughter.

  129. I’ll crochet a hat or scarf with the hooks I win. Thank you for organizing this giveaway!

  130. Oh the endless using they will (would) get but first off another Afghan to be made….rAWHa,Ha,ha…..lol

  131. Oops didn’t comment on what I’d make with my new hooks! I would make a crocheted coat that my granddaughter wants me to make.

  132. I have so many projects to do, I might start on an afghan, or a shawl for my niece. thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  133. Love, love, love you designs and have used many of them. Thanks!

  134. Love the hooks!!! More crochet projects with my princess, she also love crocheting…

  135. omg i so NEEEED this!! i want to make hats and scarves and afghans but need hooks and yarn!! this would be such a blessing! thanks 🙂

  136. Nothing for a long while, as I just just contemplate them since they are so gorgeous!!!

  137. I have many baby projects in mind for some friends that love my crochet pieces!

  138. Thank you for this opportunity. I have been wanting to try these hooks.

  139. What a fabulous giveaway prize. I’d love to enter the draw please

  140. With my new hooks, I would definitely crochet my littlest granddaughter the dress she wanted her grammy to make for her, she’s 3 and picked a pattern out for me to make her! I bet these hooks would help the arthritis in my wrist, right now I use boyd hooks.

  141. I have not decided but I love these hooks. I already own one so anything is possible.

  142. Would love, love, love these! I just started crocheting and could really use some nice hooks! I crochet every day now!

  143. The first thing I would make with one of these hooks is a lacey bookmark.

  144. i would make some curtain tie-backs for my daughter with the new hooks.

  145. I would absolutely love to win these hooks. The yarn sized Clover Amore’s are my favorite hooks currently and I would love to try the thread sized ones.

  146. Ooh pretty hooks! I have just started getting into arugami so I would probably get hooking on some cute little toy animals!

  147. I’ve only been crocheting for a few months. I have crocheted small items like hats, scarves, and small bags. I would like to take on a larger project such as, a blanket or sweater!

  148. Ooops, and I would use them to make some fingerless gloves!

  149. I think the first thing I would make is a doily. I have some lovely patterns stored up, but my steel hooks make my hands hurt so I haven’t made any doilies for a while.

  150. I would make a table runner and some amigurumi for my nieces and nephews

  151. My kids have been bugging me to make Care Bears for them so that’s what I would use these hooks for. thanks!

  152. I want to try my hand at some doilies and maybe even some lace!!!

  153. I’ll have to see what patterns I win really… 😉 But otherwise, I have a long list of projects for my son and daughter. I will probably work on my toddler girl’s sweater so she can wear it this winter.

  154. I would probably make hats and whatever else I can get my hands on 🙂

  155. I can’t get pinterest to work right now, so I’ll have to go back to it.

    I have just discovered the joys of the ergonimic hooks. My hands feel so much better crocheting with them!

  156. Probably a baby blanket; my friend gave me some extra baby yarn she had, so it seems like the suitable choice. 🙂

  157. I would make a bunch of cotton thread snowflakes for my Christmas tree!

  158. They look great! I think I’ll have a shot at some amigurumi. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  159. I want to make everything! Hats, fingerless gloves, blankets…everything!

  160. I have a pattern for a nice little Xmas doily that I would love to try !

  161. I will continue to make preemie hats for the local NICUs I’m donating too! Then work on the tons of Christmas presents I’ve gotta make lol

  162. With all the awesome patterns I snagged over the weekend I would probably be making baby photo prop hats!

  163. I would use them to finish up my Christmas gifts that I am trying desperately to finish up!!!! (hats, fingerless gloves, scarves etc.) =)

  164. I would make some earrings with my new thread yarn I got from Hobby Lobby!

  165. I would probably make some snowflake ornaments with my new hooks if I won.

  166. Can’t believe that you guys are hosting such a big giveaway! Thanks to everyone!

  167. I will make something for my 11-year-old heartbeat (granddaughter Miranda). Merry Christmas!!!

  168. I love all your creations and would love to win the Clover Amour hooks to use for more like yours.

  169. would so love to win these hooks, thanks for the chance, great giveaway!

  170. I ave wanted a poncho for a while I just made one for commission and I really would like to have my own. Hope I win plus I broke my favorite 5mm hook,sre would like a new favorite.

  171. Maybe Xmas ornaments, or some beautiful shawl for me.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  172. Since I am having some financial difficulty and am new to crochet, I don’t have many hooks (2). I would love to win! Fingers Crossed! I love your blog, patterns. When I need an idea I come here.I follow you. Thanks!

  173. I have so many projects….which one do I start with?? With Xmas so close it will most likely be ornaments.

  174. At the rate I am going I will still be working on Christmas gift…lol

  175. Oohhhh, bookmarks, doilies, not sure but I have lots of thread to give me inspiration!

  176. Currently making texting mittens ( thumb holes are open to allow for texting). Two sweaters in line next. Have two daughters and I don’t have alot of time to crochet for me, but I love making things for them and these hooks would be wonderful to have. I only have one size with padded handle and the dog chewed it up. I have taped it and still using it, but I would really love to have these. Happy Holidays to you and your family…………

  177. With two new grandsons on the way, baby blankets are at the top of the list.

  178. I am gonna be a first time grandma so i will be making lots of baby items

  179. Love your website. I follow you on my feedly and love the info you post. Thanks

  180. My favorite hooks!! I would use them to make amigurumi, cowls, shawls, everything!!

  181. Thank you for hosting this give-away. I would like to make myself a capelet.

  182. I am not able to find the giveaway post on ‘ELK Studio Handcrafted Crochet Designs’ and ‘Fiber Flux’ blogs :(… please help.. thank you 🙂

  183. This is a great giveaway. Trying to connect through the other links several are saying Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. or Not found, error 404

    Whoops! I can’t find what you’re looking for, not just yet. Try again? I’m even trying to go to the home pages on the blogs and there is nothing related on some of them.

  184. I would finish my Christmas presents Probably the cat beds for my parents cats

  185. After I finish my Christmas presents I am going to make a winter hat for my 5 month old Son and my husband 🙂 I will probably make them match because I can’t help myself!

  186. The basic cowl it is a fantastic n very easy adaptable pattern for ladies men and children.
    Thank you for all you do

  187. Those are very cool looking hooks. I think I’d probably start making some hats for spring.

  188. thanks for the fun giveaway.. i would probably finish off all my WIPs that i have in my basket… I’m a bit of a starter and not finisher lol i get distracted with new projects to often LOL

  189. Ahh I have so many things I’d love to start making with these hooks!! I think I’d have to say I’d start making hats and scarfs for the homeless people around my town though. I live in the lower RGV Texas, so it will start to get cold in January or February. I know they could use them more than me. So, I’d make a few then drive around town delivering them. Then, after that, I’d go crazy crocheting something for everything that exists in my house! ha!