100 Micro Crochet Motifs

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100 Micro Crochet Motifs includes patterns and charts for you to make tiny creations for jewelry and crafts. Plus, if you upsize the hook and yarn you can make them into larger finished items too.

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100 Micro Crochet Motifs - DavidandCharles - Book Review

Title: 100 Micro Crochet Motifs
Available from Amazon
Designed by: Steffi Glaves
Publisher: David & Charles
Current List Price: $22.99*

For anyone interested in branching out into thread crochet and jewelry making, this gem of a book is exactly what you need to get started!

100 Micro Crochet Motifs

100 Micro Crochet Motifs is filled with gorgeous projects you can crochet. It also includes detailed information about working with threads, steel crochet hooks and information about making jewelry from your mini masterpieces.

On a personal note, I have always been interested in trying thread crochet and making crocheted jewelry to wear. I already have jewelry findings and steel hooks on hand, so when David & Charles mailed me this book, I was very excited to make the time to try one of the projects. This being said…

I recommend you read page 6 and 7 before you get distracted by any of the lovely projects you can make. Or else, you will (like I did) jump right in and go for the smallest thread (yes – I sourced and ordered it online from Fabricland) and then struggle to recreate the beautiful project.

I did manage to make a little flower (Pink Perennial) with my Gutermann Hand Quilting Cotton in Bright Pink and a very sharp tipped 12 steel crochet hook (I never realized they were so sharp!). It looks like a flower – so I will take that as a giant win – but if I’d read the note on page 7 that states:

Reduce thread weight and crochet hook size gradually to get used to working at a micro-scale.

Steffi Glaves

I would have begun with a heavier thread, or embroidery floss first – then worked my way to the pretty quilting cotton (the colors are gorgeous in the Gutermann line).

In summary – read pages 6-9. Then flip to page 114 and read the Holding Your Work (don’t skip the bit where it mentions the rubber thimble…) and then read Starting out.

Then start crocheting these bright and colorful micro crochet motifs!

100 Micro Crochet Motif Crochet Patterns

The book is organized into 10-themed chapters, each filled with fun projects you can make. These can all be sized up to be crocheted with DK Weight Yarn [3] and a larger crochet hook so do not be afraid of the patterns – they are perfect for many purposes!

10-Themed Chapters

  • Flowers: forget-me-not, cherry blossom, sunflower/daisy, orchid, pansy, lobelia, poppy, pink perennial, sentimental blue, Vinca circle, folded clematis and Flower Jewelry
  • Leaves: four leaf clover, oak leaf, standard leaf, granny leaf, eye leaf, heart leaf, frilly edge leaf, five point leaf, ivy strand, ivy leaf and Ivy Strand Bracelet
  • Celestial: lightning bolt, raindrop, cloud, rainbow, sun, star, moon, 3D rainbow, 3D star pillow, ringed planet and Mis-Matched Planet Earrings
  • Food: doughnut, macaron, carrot cake, watermelon, Venetian slice, cucumber sandwich, fried egg, avocado, teapot, cuppa tea and Amigurumi Cake Slice
  • Blanket Squares: scalloped square, classic square with border, 3D ruffle square, puff flower square, hexagon wheel, frilly edge square, lacy Granny square, floral envelope square, circle square, hexagon rose and Envelope Belt Purse and Necklace
  • Sea Life: spiral shell, starfish, goldfish, seaweed, turtle, clam shell, classic fish, sand dollar, boat, manta ray and Clam Shell Pendant
  • Occasions: holly leaf, snowflake, Danish heart, Invitation envelope, Granny heart, lace heart, bat, pumpkin, skull, egg and Danish Heart Mini Pendant
  • Mandalas: Sarah, Kirsty, Mattea, Caroline, Denise, Moira, Kate, Rosa, Rowan, Molly and Framed Mandala
  • Bunting: triangle, striped triangle, chevron, space invader, rainbow flag, layered leaf, heart, textured heart, tiny bag, tiny house and Cake Topper
  • Animals: bumblebee, mouse, bird, bunny, fox face, butterfly, cat face, hen, elephant and Meadow Embroidery Hoop

Take a closer look at more of the projects you can make here: 100 Micro Crochet Motifs

Try a sample project here: 100 Micro Crochet Motifs Extra Project – Alternative Pink Perennial and Meet Steffi Glaves (interview)

This bright and colorful pattern book is 124-pages in length. The patterns are written in UK crochet terms. The charts use universal crochet symbols and a reference chart is provided on page 116 to convert the UK to US terms for those who prefer working from written instructions. 

The stitch counts are included in italics and in ( ) parentheses at the end of the pattern rows and rounds.


The Crochet Basics section begins on page 116. It includes the crochet stitch terminology, symbol meanings in UK and US crochet terms and instructions on how to read crochet charts in rows and in rounds.

These are the stitches used for the projects:

AbbreviationUK MeaningUS Meaning
ssslip stitchslip stitch
chchain stitchchain stitch
dcdouble crochetsingle crochet (sc)
dc2togdouble crochet 2 togethersingle crochet 2 together (sc2tog)
htrhalf treble crochethalf double crochet (hdc)
trtreble crochetdouble crochet (dc)
dtrdouble treble crochettreble crochet (tr)
ttrtriple treble crochetdouble treble crochet (dtr)
tr2tog, tr3tog, tr4tog…treble 2 together
treble 3 together
treble 4 together
double crochet 2 together (dc2tog)
double crochet 3 together (dc3tog)
double crochet 4 together (dc4tog)
back-dcback double crochet or crab stitchback single crochet or crab stitch (back-sc)
FPFront PostFront Post
BPBack PostBack Post

The Special Stitches are included beginning on page 118. The instructions are detailed and they include step-by-step diagrams and images to help you master the crochet skills you need to make these projects.

Special Stitches & Techniques

  • Magic circle or ring
  • Magic ring alternative
  • Back-double crochet or crab stitch
  • Ss, 1ch edging
  • Surface Crochet
  • Whip Stitch
  • Invisible slip stitch
  • Changing Color half-way through a row
  • Stiffening
  • Stuffing

Jewelry Techniques are included beginning on page 124. Instructions for opening jump rings, attaching jump rings, making pendants, making dangly earrings and making earrings with studs are all outlined.

My favorite designs from 100 Micro Crochet Motifs are:

  • Floral Envelope Square (plus the necklace project), Clam Shell Pendant, Danish Heart Mini Pendant and the Bumblebee (I think he would look great in my houseplants!).

Leave me a comment to tell me which of the designs are your favorites?
You can see more of the projects here.

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  1. I’m not able to see any further information from the link that leads to amazon, but I’m most interested in the blanket squares. Such a variety of beautiful motifs and the projects would be endless.! The larger purple motif above the 1 in 100 is ssoooo pretty.

  2. So many to choose from, but the purple triangle in the top left of the cover and salmon colored ovalish one closer to the bottom left of the cover are lovely!!

  3. This book is gorgeous! Love Steffi Glaves. I think I want to make the purple leaf in the top left first, but that yellow and purple mandala in the middle at the top is so pre, too! Tough choice!

  4. You are so talented to be able to use such an itty bitty hook and thread! Have you tried one of those tiny little amigurumis yet? I’ve always wanted to try those but I feel like I’d need something other than my fingers to hold and turn my work with!

  5. Sounds like a really fun book! Working with sewing thread and my 0.75mm crochet hook is one of my favorite things because it always turns out so cute and small. I just use other patterns, usually appliques.