10 Super Cute Free Crochet Llama and Crochet Alpaca Patterns

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Happy Friday, Crocheters! This week, we’re excited to share 10 super cute free crochet llama and alpaca patterns that are perfect for your next project. These charming little animals have been incredibly popular this year, and I even received a special request to create a roundup featuring these adorable creatures. In this collection, you’ll find a variety of patterns that are sure to delight and inspire. Whether you’re looking to make a cute gift or add to your own collection, these patterns offer something for everyone. Dive in and discover your next favorite crochet project!

Discover 10 adorable crochet llama and alpaca patterns! 🦙🧶 Perfect for your next project or as a gift. #Crochet #FreePatterns #CuteCrafts

10 Adorable Free Crochet Llama and Alpaca Patterns

  1. Ragdoll Llama by Spin a Yarn Crochet
  2. Llama Applique by Sarah Zimmerman
  3. Llama-No-Drama by Nancy Anderson at Red Heart
  4. Lionel Llama by Janet McMahon
  5. Allie the Alpaca Toy by Jess Coppom
  6. Alpaca Love C2C Blanket by Jess Coppom
  7. Amigurumi Hipster Alpaca by Jennifer Ramirez
  8. ¡Hola! the Alpaca by Nathalie Nuisement
  9. Llama / Alpaca Hat by The Crafty Flutist
  10. Alpaca by The Nerdy Knitter

You may also want to participate in this crochet a Llama CAL! The project was featured this week at our Wednesday Link Party. Get the details and the free pattern link here.

Ragdoll Llama by Spin a Yarn Crochet

Ragdoll Llama

Make your very own soft and cuddly Ragdoll Llama with this free pattern from Spin a Yarn Crochet!

Llama Applique by Sarah Zimmerman

Llama Applique

Add this adorable crocheted Llama Applique to your crochet hat, blanket or bag! Designed by Sarah Zimmerman.

Llama-No-Drama by Nancy Anderson at Red Heart


Download this free PDF pattern from Red Heart Yarn and make an adorable crocheted Llama toy! Designed by Nancy Anderson at Red Heart.

Lionel Llama by Janet McMahon

Lionel Llama

Crochet this quick and easy pattern to make a little Llama, perfect for little hands! Designed by Janet McMahon.

Allie the Alpaca Toy by Jess Coppom

Allie the Alpaca Toy

Super soft and squeezable, Allie the Alpaca is sure to be a family favorite! Designed by Jess Coppom.

Alpaca Love C2C Blanket by Jess Coppom

Alpaca Love C2C Blanket

This adorable corner to corner Alpaca Blanket is the perfect size to wrap around your shoulders! Designed by Jess Coppom.

Amigurumi Hipster Alpaca by Jennifer Ramirez

Amigurumi Hipster Alpaca

Crochet this quirky little Amigurumi Alpaca. My children love this one the most! Designed by Jennifer Ramirez.

¡Hola! the Alpaca

This crochet Alpaca is really fluffy! Designed by Nathalie Nuisement.

Llama / Alpaca Hat

Make this cute alpaca hat with Medium Weight Yarn [4] and a 5 mm (H) hook. The free pattern is available in sizes baby, toddler, child and adult. Designed by The Crafty Flutist.

Crocheted Alpaca

This cute little crocheted Alpaca is made with medium weight yarn [4] and US G (4.0 mm) and US D (3.25 mm) crochet hooks. You will also need 9 mm safety eyes. Your finished Alpaca will be about 8 inches tall. Designed by The Nerdy Knitter.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup of 10 adorable crochet llama and alpaca patterns. These delightful creatures are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, making them perfect for gifts or a fun addition to your crochet repertoire. Explore the patterns, gather your supplies, and start creating these charming animals today. Happy crocheting, and may your weekend be filled with creativity and joy!

🦙 Happy Friday, Crocheters! Check out 10 super cute crochet llama and alpaca patterns perfect for gifts or your own collection. 🧶

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🦙 Happy Friday, Crocheters! Check out 10 super cute crochet llama and alpaca patterns perfect for gifts or your own collection. 🧶 #CrochetPatterns #LlamaLove #DIY

Fall in love with these 10 super cute crochet llama and alpaca patterns! 🦙🧶 Perfect for gifts or adding to your collection. #CrochetPatterns #LlamaLove #DIY


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